As college football fans, we’ve been treated to a trio of fantastic finishes these last three Saturdays the likes of which we may never see again.

Michigan State somehow, someway, running back a botched Michigan punt in the final seconds to steal victory from the jaws of defeat was a “where were you when…” moment that rivaled what we saw from the Auburn-Alabama “Kick-6” play in the Iron Bowl back in 2013.

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And then just one week later – somehow, someway – we were blessed with another absolutely ridiculous happenstance when Georgia Tech blocked a Florida State field attempt and scored the game-winning touchdown as time expired to leave us all breathless yet again.

But unlike the miracles that the Spartans and Yellow Jackets pulled off, what Miami did at Duke this past Saturday was a mere mirage.

It really didn’t happen.

The problem is the Atlantic Coast Conference won’t admit it – nor rectify it.

The ACC has embarrassed itself — and college football — by not righting this wrong. It is clear that on the final play of the game the knee of one of Miami’s players was down on the ground while lateraling the football to a teammate. There is also one documented instance of an illegal block being made during the return for a TD.

It’s one thing to suspend the officiating crew for the numerous errors it made, as well as the people in charge of instant replay. They all make for suitable scapegoats. But to not change the result and give the Blue Devils their rightful victory is nothing short of cowardice.

And that falls on Commissioner John Swofford.

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For the conference to release a statement claiming it’s “hands are tied” and that a reversal of the play – and more importantly, the result of the game – can’t occur, is complete nonsense. Swofford and the conference CAN change what happened.

They just WON’T.

There have been some who’ve opined that Miami might decide the play, was in fact, illegal, and thus not accept the victory. That would be a magnanimous gesture, especially in the wake of some of the problems the Canes have suffered through this season and in the recent past.

But it shouldn’t come down to the University of Miami to make such a decision. The onus belongs with a do-nothing commissioner who is more concerned with fabricating the concept that the ACC is a legitimate football conference. This episode certainly doesn’t help support that cause.

The theory behind utilizing instant replay in any sport is to ensure that you get the call right. Why even use it if you can’t do that?

The ACC has failed miserably in its responsibilities to preside over this issue in a fair and judicious manner, and Commissioner Swofford comes off as nothing short of incompetent in allowing this to happen.

In many ways what transpired last Saturday in Durham was reminiscent of the infamous Stanford band play. The difference, of course, is that instant replay wasn’t part of the game back then.

But even though there is replay now, it didn’t stop Duke from getting hosed.

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And there’s nothing fantastic about that.