If that lifeless performance by Georgia in Jacksonville doesn’t have it’s fans questioning the direction of their football program, then nothing will. Mark Richt drops to 5-10 versus Florida. And once again the Bulldogs drop out of relevance for a championship.

Do Georgia fans ever get sick of special teams screw ups…for the record someone has to tell the punt returner you don’t try to fair catch the ball inside the 5.

Richt supporters will use the injury to Nick Chubb and “too many underclassmen on defense” as this year’s excuse.

Since 2005, there’s always an excuse when it comes to UGA winning the SEC Championship, let alone a National title.

Stop with that nonsense. Mark Richt started his 3rd string quarterback in the biggest game of the year.

He started Faton Bauta because he never had an SEC caliber starting QB this season, or last season for that matter.

He started Bauta because he was desperate. He started him because he has run out of ideas.

He looked at his stable of quarterbacks after Spring Football and brought in a quarterback who wasn’t gonna win the starting job at Virginia this Fall.

How does a perennial top 25 program that gets top recruits year after year not have a better plan for the most important position on the field?

Why does Georgia stick with a pro-style offense featuring a drop back passer while some of the country’s best dual-threat quarterbacks grow up less than an hour from Athens and never get recruited?

With a few exceptions, I have watched this program underachieve since 1998. When I moved to Atlanta Jim Donnan was doing the exact same thing Mark Richt is doing right now.

Mark Richt teams don’t beat ranked opponents consistently anymore.

Since the 2008 season, Richt is 12-26 against teams that finished the season nationally ranked. That includes an 3-12 mark against SEC teams that finished the season in the Top 25 of the Associated Press poll.

You would think some UGA fans have to shake their head as Mizzou went back to back as Eastern Division Champs.

After UT’s post-Fulmer death spiral and Urban Meyer leaving Florida, the division has been there for the taking. UGA plays in the weak sister division of the conference that automatically punches it’s ticket into the BCS and now the new playoff.

The last 3 years should have been their best window…

After the initial success with the David Pollack & David Green teams, Richt’s teams have fallen into a familiar pattern.

UGA suffers at least one blow out loss each year like this season’s debacle against Alabama. Or a loss to an inferior opponent like Tennessee in 2007. Or South Carolina or Florida last year.

There’s at least one game each year where a Mark Richt Bulldog team comes out flat and plays uninspired football.

Mark Richt’s trademark stoicism is starting to look and sound like indifference to many fans. I don’t expect the guy to pound the podium with his shoe after a loss, but geez! His canned monotone responses after some of this year’s games are beyond myopic.

Richt is a nice guy. So was his mentor Bobby Bowden. When you suggest Richt will never win it all in Athens some Georgia fans remind you it took it took Bowden 18 years at FSU before finally winning his first championship.

Maybe those Bulldogs fans don’t understand that the college football world has changed. Maybe those fans still have rabbit ears attached to their TV and use leaded gas too?

Nick Saban won a title in his 4th year at LSU and his 3rd season at Alabama.

Les Miles won his crystal football in year 3 at LSU. Gene Chizik won it all for Auburn in his second season.
Hell Gus Malzahn took Auburn to the title game in his first season as head coach.

These Georgia fans who say Athletic Director Greg McGarity should stay the course with Mark Richt must have “The Patience of Job”.

Georgia puts just as many players in the NFL as anyone. A matter of fact some of Jeremy Pruitt’s current linebackers and defensive ends will be in the Pro Bowl in a few years.

I’ve seen UGA go through Brian Van Gorder, Willie Martinez, Todd Grantham and now Jeremy Pruitt who, to be quite honest, looks to have lost some of his fastball on his way from Tallahassee to Athens.

I’ve seen the David & David show give way to super recruits Mathew Stafford & Knowshon Moreno.
Then back to the solid if not spectacular Aaron Murray.

Then there’s current & future NFL stars Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb. I’ve seen half a dozen Bulldogs start in the Pro Bowl.

The one constant is Mark Richt. Who never maximizes the top talent he brings to Athens.

Speaking of talent, you actually have some delusional Georgia fans who feel 5 star QB from Washington Jacob Eason is the savior of the program. The AJC has been pimping this kid for over 2 years. As if Mark Richt will win an SEC title with a true freshman at quarterback?

Maybe this absolute clunker in Jacksonville will shake some of Bulldawg Nation out of it’s malaise. Perhaps some of the fan base will start demanding more out of their $4 Million a year Coach.

Or the alumni will trust their Athletic Director to do his job and get someone in here who can take this team to the next level.

I doubt it.

As long as the money is rolling in the administration will always be content to put up with close but no cigar.

The only way Mark Richt would lose his job is when the Georgia Football fan stops coming to Athens and spending money on season tickets and suites. Or when the big dogs stop cutting those really big checks.

And that’s just not gonna happen. Not as long so much of the fan base is too scared to scrap it and start over. “Why get rid of such a successful coach when we’ve been so close?”

How close are the Bulldogs under Mark Richt? How close did they look to you on Saturday afternoon in Jacksonville?