Thabo said in a legal notice that the injury he suffered last April has caused him to “become substantially disabled.” He’s referring to the broken leg he received at the hands of the NYPD after they perceived him to be not complying with orders to clear the area.

Thabo was acquitted of any wrongdoing on Oct 9th, 2015.

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Sefolosha and a teammate were partying at a popular night spot called 1Oak when former NY Knick Chris Copeland was cut with a knife just outside the bar.

Thabo says that he only became involved and “insulted the cop” by calling him a “midget” after the officer told him to “Get off my f’ing block.”

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The Atlanta Hawks posted a video of Sefolosha dunking against Miami on Oct 18th and said “Thabo’s leg looked just fine on this one:”

They also Tweeted, “If Thabo isn’t 100%, what will his dunks look like when he is?”

Sefolosha’s defense attorney, Alex Spiro, said the player’s exceptional performance on the court doesn’t mean he wasn’t permanently injured.

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