5) (multi-tie) “Hail Mary” – Yes, Doug Flutie in 1984 vs Miami was the most memorable but it wasn’t entirely the most important. Colorado vs Michigan might have had more influence on the outcome of a season.  There have been a host of them, usually about one a season and while they are fabulous to see (BYU v Nebraska this year) they are fairly common and until a title game ends on one then these plays don’t rate as the best.

4) “Statue of Liberty” – Boise State stunned college football by not just hanging with, but hanging big numbers on powerhouse Oklahoma.  The Broncos win over the Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl was one of the biggest wins for the little guys in the history of the game.  The victory was capped by a brilliantly drawn and designed trick play. It was overtime and Boise stunned college football (at the time they were not “Boise” they were some small school in Idaho) – if you have not seen it is worthy a search, fabulous!

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3) “Hail (Michigan) State” – By all rights, there is almost no way the Spartans should have won.  None.  Punt dropped? Punter doesn’t fall on it? MSU recovers, no one tackles the man with the ball and they score a TD with no time on the clock?  It was bizarre and it was fabulous (unless you were in Maize and Blue).

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2) “Bama gets kicked” – Sometimes one play can make you a legend (see: Braves, Francisco Cabrera). In this case, Chris Davis was a solid player but 106 yards later he was a legend. That Alabama didn’t know to tackle him was surprising, considering how well coached the Tide is.  Missed field goals will never be the same.

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1) “The Play” – if you’ve never seen it… Google it! 1992 Cal-Stanford.  Wildest ending ever, all time and no dispute. Yes, there might have been a knee on the ground and today it might have been overturned on replay.  Glad it wasn’t.  It’s the classic of classics and a trombone player to boot.