I got your back.

Dr. Kamla’s your shrink because I’m listening to John and Hugh and people are upset. People are saying the Falcons got exposed last night. I disagree with all of that.

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God’s a busy dude, or woman, and has lots to do, but something tells me that there was a little something supernatural, little something magical and special, going on last night at the Dome in New Orleans. The Saints got a blocked punt / touchdown on national TV, against the Falcons, on the same night that blocked punt / touchdown King Steve Gleason was to get the George Hallis award.

Steve Gleason, in the first game after Katrina against the Falcons, in the Dome on national TV, gets the blocked punt and they recovered it for a touchdown. They have a statue of it outside the Dome. History just repeated itself last night. Different guy, unfortunately, tragically Steve Gleason has ALS right now and God bless him as he goes through that. Once upon a time he was in the NFL. That was like the signature play in that game and obviously it was really good to be back in the Dome for Steve.

The Falcons were not going to win that game after Katrina. You could’ve had the Falcons’ Ring of Honor, in their prime, together and they would not have been able to beat the Saints that night. I’m not gonna go that far about last night, because the Katrina thing was just epic, and a totally different animal than the perfect storm that we dealt with last night. But nevertheless, it was a little bit of a perfect storm brewing against the Falcons here.

It was the Saints’ Super Bowl last night. They will not play another game this year as well as they did last night. That’s a guarantee, it’s not speculation. That is a statement of what I think is going to happen.

It’s a fact. That was the Saints’ Super Bowl last night. Drew Brees was Hall of Fame good. Ingram was killing us inside the red zone and the defense obviously rose up. It was a must-have game for the New Orleans Saints. Now, I did a juice box bet with Jamie and I took the under. It was a big game for the New Orleans Saints. Falcons were on the road, in a short week, against a wounded and desperate Saints team on their Super Bowl night. Then they honored Gleason as the guest of honor and he received the Hallis Award on the same night?!?!? That’s what I’m saying, this was not just another football game. A game where you can analyze it. I think objectively and just black-and-white and something was going on last night that some of you may not believe, THAT you can pretty much take my word for.

It is true. You can close off your mind and think it’s gibberish, “Kamla is crazy”! You go ahead and tick off one of the doctors down there practicing Voodoo.

Just go ahead and make one of those people mad and you’ll find yourself vomiting with no end in sight. You’ll lose the taste of the beer that you love so much, you’ll be drinking the beer you like and say “Where did the taste go?”

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Our Falcons were doomed when they got off the plane last night.

So we can analyze, we can break it down, we can talk about the butt snap last night. Did anybody notice that? Remember the Mark Sanchez butt fumble? We had a Butt Snap! If you called the game after Katrina “the Steve Gleason game” then last night’s game would be “the butt snap game”. We watched our replacement center, Stone who took over for Person, and we were wondering if he should have been the starter. Well, I think we all just need to step back and trust the guys in charge over there, because that was a big blunder in the game.

It was one of three huge blunders. Matt Ryan hit the shoulder pad of the fullback DiMarco, not sure if it’s DiMarco’s fault at all, or if it’s Ryan’s fault, but it sucked. And you got Tevin Coleman fumbling the ball in the red zone and I’m screaming “Darn it!”, or something close to that.

I’m telling you right now, they were forced to play with voodoo. There were spirits going on in that dome and our Falcons just could not even do anything with it and I don’t think they even had the capability of dealing with it.

It’s supernatural and weird and I’m telling you this game was not just played on a 100-yard grid in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. This game was played amidst some stuff going on down there. There is no way you can’t tell me that on the night that Steve Gleason gets the George Hallis award that the Saints get a punt block / touchdown on national TV… again… that there is not something kind of strange going on.

I can’t just pass that up as a coincidence.

I’m sorry.

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I can’t.