First off, let me start by saying that I’m a Detroit native and die-hard Lions fan (don’t laugh at me).  Why am I disclaiming this?  Just so I won’t be accused of being an Atlanta “homer” for the following Falcons awards.  So while the whole city is beaming off a 3-0 start, I’m hoping for a mulligan to the Lions season.  But I did win my fantasy football game at the office.  Wooooooooh!

Team of the Week: Atlanta Falcons

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The Dirty-Birds started off slow offensively and defensively against Dallas before picking it up in the second half. Atlanta finished the game on a 25-0 run behind stellar performances from DeVonta Freeman and Julio Jones en route to a 39-28 victory in “Jerry’s World.”

Non-believers will say the only reason the Falcons were able to beat the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon is because the team is missing Pro Bowlers Dez Bryant and Tony Romo.

But grabbing a win on the road against any starting lineup is no small feat in the NFL and the Falcons are 1 of 7 teams to open the season 3-0.

Player of the Week: DeVonta Freeman- Atlanta Falcons

 The second-year back out of Florida State wasn’t expected to do much against the Cowboys aside from picking up blocks, catching dink and dunk passes out of the backfield and keeping the defense honest with respectable 3 or 4 yard runs here and there.

Instead, Freeman exploded to the lead the NFL in rushing for Week 3 (30 carries/ 141 yards/ 3 td’s) and more importantly lead his team to a victory.

It’s a good thing Freeman stepped up because I’m starting to suspect I’ll be getting writer’s fatigue in voting for the best WR in the NFL-Julio Jones-every week. All he did was catch 12 balls for 164 yards for two scores.

Defensive Player of the Week: Kam Chancellor-Seattle Seahawks

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 With all due respect to Buffalo Bills linebacker Preston Brown (2 ints, 1 td in Buffalo’s 41-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins), but Kam Chancellor deserves to be honored as this week’s top defender.

Kam didn’t blow us away on the stat sheet but his presence was definitely felt intangibly for the Seahawks.

The Pro-Bowl Safety ended his holdout to assist “his brothers” and temporarily stop the blood from running in a much-needed 26-0 victory over the Bears. The victory got the reigning NFC Champs off the schnide with its first victory of the season.

Top 3 Storylines: Miko Grimes, Cam Newton, Big Ben

1) Miko Grimes: The wife of Miami Dolphin Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes was arrested at Sun-Life Stadium before the Dolphins-Bills game for disorderly conduct. By this time I’m sure we’ve all seen the video that’s gone viral of her arrest and at first glance, it doesn’t look good.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Grimes, she doesn’t get the complimentary benefit of the doubt one would receive considering her volatile past. It’s not my place to offer any marital advice but it would be in Brent’s best interest to consult his wife and suggest for her to stay out of the spotlight for a while.

2) Cam Newton: NFL Veteran Official Ed Hochuli allegedly told the Panther’s qb “you haven’t been in the league long enough to receive that (personal foul) call” during Carolina’s game against the Saints.

Translation: “Until you start winning more consistently and stop it with the hot dogging, you won’t get your just due respect from the league, at least from officials.”

 3) Ben Roethlisberger: Forget being a second tier superstar QB. Ever since last season Big Ben has cemented himself amongst the top tier, upper echelon quarterbacks in the NFL. It’s unfortunate what happened to him but on the flip side, this gives veteran qb Mike Vick a shot (maybe his last) to prove that’s he’s still a serviceable gunslinger capable of leading a team to wins. Let’s just hope he avoids the mistake he made last year in NY and studies his playbook.

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