I was getting off my flight from New York when I got the Tweet from my producer on Marc & Randy, Beau Morgan, notifying me that Eddie DeBartolo Jr. had been named by the Contributors Committee nominee for the 2016 class of Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Talk about some great news! I played for Eddie 12 of my 13 years in the NFL and have remained good friends these 38 years since we first met.

Eddie had been named a Finalist for the HOF a couple of times and part of the general process for several years now since he had sold the 49ers. As the ONLY individual owner who owned 5 Lombardi Trophies it has long been my opinion that his exclusion from the HOF was indefensible. He won big 5 times, did it his way (as a family) and made every person who has ever worked for him feel special. He and his beautiful wife Candy are simply the most generous and loving people my family have ever been blessed to know.

To me, Mr. D has always been a Hall of Famer and now he is just one step away from that being officially.

Check out the conversation we had this morning:


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