So StubHub has created a list of every NFL team and their fans favorite bands based on ticket purchases through their website.

Now, take it for what it’s worth, it’s not exactly a scientific poll. It is based purely on ticket purchases and all kinds of reasoning could have been behind those particular purchases at that particular time. But it’s still fun to look at it.

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Some of these make perfect sense to us, like the Arizona Cardinals fans favorite band is U2. We can see that.

But some are far reaching indeed. For instance the Baltimore Ravens favorite band is Florida-Georgia Line? Really? And the Buffalo Bills fans favorite is Garth Brooks?

Some more that DO make sense to us include the Carolina Panthers fans favorite being Taylor Swift.

We can completely see that.

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The Houston Texans fans favorite is Kenny Chesney.

Again, we can totally see that.

The New Orleans Saints? Their fans favorite is also Garth Brooks.

Some more that do not make so much sense? The Eagles fans apparently love Maroon 5, the Giants fans are also big Kenny Chesney fans, the Seahawks fans are Rush fans and the Redskins fans are Foo Fighters fans.

Take what you will from the list and how it was put together, but what do you guys think? If Atlanta Falcons aren’t huge Stones fans then what band or artist should be at the top of that list?

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Get the entire list here.