Well, it’s over.

Our first full Training Camp at Flowery Branch as the Flagship station for the Atlanta Falcons Radio Network has come to an end.

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We set up back on July 30th and after 20 days, we’ve taken down the Promotion and Broadcast tents and retreated to our Midtown Studios.

I get asked this all the time. I get asked “What’s the coolest thing about being out at Training Camp?” So I thought I would answer that for you guys.

5) The atmosphere screams “Football is back!” The minute you walk through those gates you know that football is SO close! The sounds of whistles and airhorns, the sights of Falcons jerseys everywhere and the smells of game day foods let you know immediately that you are in a football environment.

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4) The fans showing off their Falcons pride in the intense Georgia heat. You will literally have thousands of fans in hot jerseys and hats when the heat index is over 100. Sweating and screaming for the Falcons when they run routes and Julio catches a touchdown in the corner of the endzone near the hill.

3) The food is dirt cheap. Seriously! Hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cream, drinks… everything is ONE dollar. That’s all! Just ONE dollar! Name another event in Atlanta where the food is that cheap. You can’t. We got to know the staff that prepared this food on the grills every morning as we broadcasted live from right beside them. Great guys, fantastic ladies and they looked forward every day to putting smiles on the fans faces with incredibly affordable food.

2) The second coolest thing about Camp is the feeling of being immersed or embedded with an NFL team. Not just any NFL, our Falcons. Being there from early in the morning until the mid-afternoon each day, seeing the run throughs, the walk throughs, the practices, the interviews, the autograph sessions and more gave you this feeling of being a part of the whole machine. Very cool feeling indeed.

1) Seeing the practices up close and personal. It’s equivalent to being on the sideline for an NFL game! Are you kidding me??? Who wouldn’t love that? The rope line is literally a couple of yards from the sideline. So if you are close to the rope line then you are watching these guys run by wide open, making great catches and returning kick-offs right in front of you.

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Yes, we’ll miss camp. Yes, we are also glad to be back in the air conditioning for a little while. But all this last three weeks did was get us fired up more than ever for the new season. We loved how Coach Dan Quinn handled his first Falcons Training Camp and we can’t wait to see how the Falcons do in the regular season!