With 92-9 The Game being your Official Exclusive Home for the Atlanta Falcons, we have been embedded at Flowery Branch for 12 days now.

We’ve been here for the shorts / jerseys practice, we’ve been here for all out pads practice, we’ve been here for the excruciatingly hot days and we’ve been here for the afternoon storms that destroyed our tent.

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I’ve shot over 1,000 + photos, narrowed them down each day and posted half a dozen or so photo galleries (that you can find just to the right of this article).

We’ve interviewed everyone from Head Coach Dan Quinn to Julio Jones to Paul Worrilow to Justin Durant to Devonta Freeman.

And although the weather may change and the interviews may change, one thing that never changes is the enthusiasm that these fans come to camp with every single day.

As they park across the street from the Falcons headquarters here in Flowery Branch, GA and make their way into the holding / security area you can see it on their faces.

As they walk down in front of the buildings and past the famed enormous RISE UP sign (pictured below) they pick up their pace a little.

Falcons Camp 2015

Rounding the corner, taking a left and seeing the field and vendors puts smiles on everyone’s faces.

The first thing they notice is this camp is different. There’s a DJ playing on the field, a live DJ. There’s hip hop, rock and country, something for everyone. Now you might think this is just part of the carnival atmosphere, but it’s not. This is actually part of Quinn’s plan to make the Falcons play harder, faster and more physical. To make them communicate with hand signals instead of talking to each other… much as they would have to in a game situation.

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And the fans are noticing it.

Sharon from Lawrenceville says, “I’m sure they have a lot to learn since it’s a new system, but I can definitely tell they’re playing faster and more physical than they were last year. I like the use of loud music during practice.”

Jamal from Stone Mountain agrees and adds, “I’m surprised in the difference I see in some of the guys that were here last year too. They seem to have new motivation and desire and I think that’s Coach Quinn making that happen. I like the music but I miss hearing some of the calls they used to make on the field, it was like being in the game.”

The opinions seem to be the same with everyone we talk to.

11 Year old Daniel from Alpharetta says, “Even though I’m only 11, I know a lot about the Falcons. I think Coach Quinn has these guys fired up. I can see it on their faces and in how the go after the ball on defense.”

That came from an 11 YEAR OLD.

Do they have to work to do? Yes, absolutely. Are they making progress? Yes, absolutely. Is it apparent to everyone here at camp that this is a different team? Yes, absolutely.

Even the kids know.

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Coach Quinn has made an impact on these guys and here’s hoping that it translates to the field next month.