Finally July 31st is right around the corner, and that means FOOTBALL is finally back. No longer will you see blogs about Soccer, March Madness, Summer Vacations or Drake vs. Meek Mill. From now through the remainder of the year it will be football only. Today it’s the top 5 things to look for at Falcons Training Camp.
5. The 92-9 The Game setup – Seriously this will be the first full year as the flagship of the Falcons so expect no punches to be pulled. We will roll up to Flowery Branch with enough equipment to power a Dr. Dre / NWA reunion tour and will give you coverage like none other. Arch and Wes will undoubtedly make some cameo appearances and listening to Mike and Carl break down the Leo position will entertain like none other. Make sure you stop by to say hello… and grab a t-shirt or 4.
4. Pace – This year’s buzzword is pace or tempo. New Head Coach Dan Quinn will bring a Seattle like approach to practice, so expect guys to be flying around especially in between drills as they will be expected to get to the next station a tad quicker than in years past.
3. Julio’s Contract Situation – Until #11 is locked in full time, expect this discussion to continue throughout the duration of camp. I’m of the opinion that eventually he will get a long term deal in the neighborhood of Dez or Demaryius, but I don’t expect it done anytime soon. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt the productivity of the Falcons best player.
2. New Blood – Not the awful WCW wrestling faction the New Blood, but all of the new faces in Falcons camp trying to impress or get a job. From Vic Beasley to Tevin Coleman, there are a lot of new faces on this year’s roster who are either rookies, or veterans in a new place who have a lot to prove. This competition should make camp even more spirited and should make the preseason very interesting to see who secures spots on the 53. My guy to watch is O’Brien Schofield, because he knows the system and should have a leg up.
1. Offensive Line – Once again the Birds go into the season with an unsettled 5 in front of Matt Ryan. In Coach Shanahan’s system lineman will be expected to be lighter and more mobile with the zone blocking principles in place. Looking preseason I think only 2 jobs are set and that is Jake Matthews at LT and Jon Asamoah at RG. Everything else will have a spirited competition and should be one of the more entertaining units to watch up until the regular season.