Every time I got into this vehicle, I felt like lighting up a $20 – $30 Cuban Cohiba
……and I don’t smoke.

I felt like heading to my club…hearing the soft rustle of my Pings and Callaways shifting in my trunk……but I don’t golf….and have no club.

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And there were no mega-million-dollar commercial real estate closings on my schedule either.

Actually, what I really wanted to do every time I got behind the wheel was grab a helmet and take this car to the track.

It’s that good.

Cadillac has done it. They’ve built a car that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder …some would argue above…. the best that Germany and Japan have to offer. And the fact that they’ve added just the slightest bit of “American Attitude” into it’s styling is just icing on the asphalt.

Caddy’s CTS Vsport is a bit of a rare ride….falling in between their base CTS 4-door that’s now powered by a 2.0 Turbo four and goes out the door in the mid to high $40’s….and their track-ready King Kong “V” …..their $85 – $100K, 640 HP, 6.2 liter, 200 MPH supercharged V8.

While the Vsport falls in the middle, it’s much closer in personality to its big brother the “V”, than to the base CTS.

The Vsport has many of the V’s Nurburing-inspired performance pieces like Brembo brakes, ZF steering and magnetic ride control, but comes with a twin-turbo 3.6 V6 putting out “only” 420 horses….and capable of “only” 172 MPH.

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Plus, being a 6 instead of an 8, the Vsport is a bit lighter than the V…giving the Vsport a light, tossable feel…..even tho’ it’s a full 4-5 passenger luxury ride.

Cadillac says the Vsport will go 0-60 in 4.4 seconds….and I believe it. I can’t remember driving a car that was harder to drive slow. The Vsport just begs to be “in the game”. It just seems to say “Punch Me….goose me….I can take it”.

A lot of the credit goes to their 8-speed automatic. Teamed with the twin turbo 6, this transmission just rips thru the gears….making sweet music as it does. And with 8 speeds, blistering acceleration is always a two or three-gear downshift away. It’s all just a matter of how hard you press the pedal.

Enough on the performance for now. Just know that Cadillac’s Vsport is one of the most capable and enjoyable vehicles out there….and the fact that you can get this level of performance, luxury, and style for little over $60K pretty much screams “bargain”.

Well….just one more thing. The transmission has Snow, Sport and Track settings. As for the “Track” setting, it’s not just a sporty-sounding name. No……they mean it. It literally changes the whole character of the transmission…giving you true race track performance….keeping revs up…delaying upshifts…keeping you in the maximum power band of the engine at all times.

On the luxury and technology side of things, Cadillac delivers pretty much everything that you’d expect. You get your perforated heated and cooled front seats, paddle shifters, heated leather steering wheel, driver awareness package including all the usual blind-spot alerts, rear-view cams, front collision warning radar and more.

Economy will probably not be the Vsport buyer’s #1 priority, but it’s rated at 16 city and 24 highway. As for the real world economy, I did get an indicated 25+ for one law-abiding stretch, but averaged around 21.5 for the week…which for a 420 HP, 172 MPH vehicle, is pretty remarkable.

In addition to their standard 4-year, 50K bumper-to-bumper warranty, Cadillac also offers 6-year, 60K courtesy transportation, roadside assistance and powertrain limited warranty….plus 5-star safety ratings in most areas.

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In you like just a little hint of attitude and a whole bunch of “Go” served on top of your luxury, compare Cadillac’s Vsport against anything that Germany or Japan have to offer in the low 60’s….and you may well be surprised.