For those that have grown up in Atlanta, the long-running joke is that being an Atlanta sports fan is the equivalent of being a masochist. Just when you think it’s finally our time, they let you down again. We still have the 1995 World Series (which was 20(!!!!) years ago) and now the Hawks with their franchise-record winning season this past year.

Other than that, the only hype surrounding Atlanta teams seems to be around one that won’t play for another 2 years (The newly-named Atlanta United MLS team) and two stadiums currently under construction.

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With the Falcons Training Camp less than a week away, we are again cautiously optimistic about the upcoming season. Falcon fans have the excuses ready for when the team again folds in on itself (the lack of an O-line, the newly hired Coach Quinn, need I go on?).

With releasing the top 5 Okay-est QB’s in the NFL, our very own Matty Ice made the Number 2 spot. Even they gave Matt the benefit of the doubt with his lack of protection and running game options, but it still showcases how Atlanta is again the underdog with something to prove.

And they do have something to prove.

This is the franchise’s 50th season, and under a highly touted new coach, the team will be under a hotter spotlight than before.

Quinn, a first-time HC with his defensive background including 2 stints as the Seahawks Defensive Coordinator, certainly has his work cut out for him on both sides of the ball. His resume mimics our last head coach, Mike Smith, which is a little frightening, though Quinn has had undeniably more success as a DC than Smith ever did.

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Kyle Shanahan, our new offensive coordinator, is another concern. With his longest OC position being under his father at the Redskins and his still cloudy departure from the Browns surrounding the Johnny Football controversy, he is a less than vetted OC.

Richard Smith, our new Defensive Coordinator, is less than newsworthy. With Quinn’s defensive background, Smith seems to be more of a figure-head than anything, even going so far as to say to ProFootballTalk in February that he was okay with Quinn calling all the defensive plays.

I don’t know where the season will lead us.

All that I know is football is back and the best T.V. will play out right in front of our eyes every week in the form of games.

I have the Falcons getting back to the play-offs this year call me crazy!

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