I have often been asked if Mike Bell is a “Hot head”… is he a “Loose Cannon” people ask me.

The answer is no.

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He is very passionate about his job and, like me, loves what he does everyday and Mike has a desire to be the best he can be and that is what we strive for everyday.

When I was first approached about working with Mike over a year ago, I already knew what he brought to the table and how fun it would be on a daily basis to work with him and partner up.

For those of you who don’t know, Mike Bell and I have been friends, not accountancies, but friends for many years.

We meet in the early 2000’s while I was in Houston and Mike was here in Atlanta working for 790 The Zone, which is no longer around. Superbowls, Final Fours, and numerous boxing matches in Las Vegas is where this weird relationship between a guy from Texas and a guy from New York would start.

The first time we met we hit it off and were like two kids in a candy store. Laughing at the same jokes, making fun of people and simply just enjoying our time together.

We are both foodies, enjoy fine spirits, we love life and and experiencing new things and of course we both love sports.

The common factor is that we are both guys who like many of the same things, and as much as we are alike we are completely different.

To start I am African-American (if you could not tell) and Mike is from Irish decscent. I’m down South, he is New York. I am Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B… Mike is Rock and Roll.

Although we both enjoy Reggae man!

I am chill and laid back… well until you piss me off. Mike is a hard charger.

Regardless of the differences, what Mike and I realized early on was that we had a connection.

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Radio shows do well for many reasons, but the main reason is that the host have a magic or chemistry that most people can’t explain nor do they understand. As we say in the business “It just works”.

Mike and I realized whatever we had would work on the radio together. I have had my own successful shows, but if your able to find a partner that “gets you” and you “get them” it can be magic.

So once I was approached about working with Mike I knew what type of show we would have. #FUN #ENTERTAINING #SMART #RELATABLE

I remember our agent asking us “Are you sure you want to do this? What if it doesn’t work?” Mike and I looked at each other simultaneously and said “It’s going to work!”.

A year later here we are.

Now what I left out of this story is that somewhere around 2008-2009 Mike tried to get me to come be his partner here in Atlanta, at the time management choose to go in another direction (big mistake)… well, actually I chose not to come.

I told Mike I had a great gig at the time and it just did not feel right. But we have always had a desire to work with each other and when I got to Atlanta in 2012 who was the first to call me and congratulate me on starting 92.9 The Game… Mike Bell!

Even though at that time we were competing against each other… ironically.

Through the years we have remained friends and once things went down at 790 The Zone I knew that this would be the right time and the right place for us to finally get a chance to work together and boy was I right.

We have one of the top rated shows in the market and it continues to grow daily.

Today we celebrate our one year anniversary together, but really Mike and I are celebrating 10 or more years of “wanting to and finally getting to” do what we have wanted to do for years… and that’s be a team.

Hey Man! Thanks for listening.

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