It seems like just a couple of days ago we were watching guys chopping wood and hacking out of the weeds, excuse me, “native grasses” at what looked like the “Open Championship”.

In my mind Chambers Bay was a disappointment because it looked exactly like, (and you purists will have to pardon me, I still call this the);  “British Open”.

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I realize the Scots invented the game, but I hate the way they play it. I know, I sound like a spoiled “Country Club” dude, but I like the modern course designs where you can tell where the tee boxes end, the fairways are true and the greens begin.

Links golf is an interesting experience, I had a chance to play one once, you can’t tell how far to hit it, how far it will roll, where it will end up, it’s more or less nothing but a crap shoot.

This week you will see a lot of guys hitting 2 irons off the tee, (yes they still make them);  using the roll instead of the “big stick”, so if nothing else, at least the long bombers are neutralized on a track like this.

I will say, of all the courses over there, St. Andrews is probably the best, at least it’s fairly manicured.

Phil Mickelson even said, (comparing to Chambers’ Bay); at least the greens have grass on them.

The one thing that seperates this course from the others’ and will be fun to watch is “hell’s bunker” on the 14th. Jack Nicklaus one time took a “10” on the hole, it’s nearly impossible to get out of, some guys have even had to hit “backwards/sideways” just to get out.

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Which brings me to my next point. Experience matters.

For those of you who think Jordan Spieth is a slam dunk, I would think again.

Yes, he did finish second to Rory McIlroy last year at the “British”, but that was at Royal Liverpool.

But if any course will test him, it will be this, yes, he won at that “goat track” for the U.S. Open last month, but can he keep it up? The kid keeps proving me wrong, plus McIlroy’s not in the field, so it would seem to be easier, I’m just not ready to crown him yet.

Could this be the major that Tiger makes his comeback on? Now, I’m not getting excited that he finished tied for 32nd a couple of weeks ago at a cupcake course for the “Greenbrier”, but, two of his three “British Opens” have come at St. Andrews and he does have experience.

I’m not a betting man, (except on the golf course where I have control);  but I’d be hard pressed to bet on Spieth. If so, move over Mike.

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There’s another Jordan that “rules”.