Top 5 NBA Free Agent Losers:

Last week we highlighted the top 5 Winners of the Free Agency period through two days.  If it wasn’t for the constituency of L.A. Clipper representatives (players and coach) seizing the house of one DeAndre Jordan until the clock struck 12 on July 8th—the first day FA’s can officially sign—-to sway DJ to stay, don’t be surprised if you would’ve seen Los Angeles make the Top 5 List for FA “Winners” and “Losers.”

A lot of people are up in arms by the way things transpired but Jordan’s “change of heart” attitude is a precedent  that has already been set in the NBA.  Back in the late 90’s, Juwan Howard made an oral agreement to sign a $100M contract with the Miami Heat before reneging on Pat Riley and returning back to play with the then Washington Bullets.

Assuming that everything remains the same this point going forward, here are my Top 5 NBA Free Agency Losers:

  1. Portland Trailblazers: The Blazers were able to re-up All-Star point guard Damion Lillard for 5 years/$120M but was it at the expense of the team?  3/5 of the Blazers starters (Matthews/Lopez/Aldridge) chose to go elsewhere and Portland is apparently stuck without a Plan B.
  1. L.A. Lakers: For the third consecutive year, the Lakers hopes of landing a marquee name during the summer have come up empty.  In 2013, they couldn’t resign All-Star Dwight Howard, last year it was Carmelo Anthony and this year it was LaMarcus Aldridge—despite scheduling (and fumbling) two meetings with the All-Star PF.
  1. Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks are never serious contenders in attracting big name Free Agents unfortunately and this year they lost one of their own.  Atlanta was essentially faced with a choice of retaining All-Star Paul Millsap or fan-favorite DeMarre Carroll.  The team chose to go forward with the former but losing DeMarre will affect the team’s chemistry and defense.
  1. Dallas Mavericks: I hate to throw the Mavs on the list especially after the way that DeAndre Jordan did them, but technically they lost a FA back to LA so that makes them a FA loser.
  1. New York Knicks: Like the L.A. Lakers, the Knicks are theoretically built for big-time names and players.  The fact that LaMarcus Aldridge canceled his Free Agency  meeting with the Knicks last week should adequately but their disarray in perspective.