When NASCAR fans think about Daytona they think about the speed, the thrilling close victories and all of them think about death.

It was on that track 14 years ago that Dale Earnhardt was killed. It was a wreck that shocked the NASCAR world as Earnhardt, one of the sports most loved and most hated drivers, was taken in a wreck that didn’t seem all that horrific. I was watching that race, while on the phone with my girlfriend, and remember saying “Dang, he’ll have a headache from that one.”

When I learned later on with everyone else that Earnhardt had been killed I thought to myself, how? From that wreck? But how?

So after seeing what looked like a MUCH worse wreck involving Austin Dillion on Sunday night I absolutely feared the worst. And so did the fans in attendance who could be heard saying, “No! Oh God, no!” on all the videos that were immediately uploaded to social media after wreck.

Dillion’s car was sent flying and then tore into the catch fence. His car was pulled apart, debris sent flying into the seats injuring five fans, according to NASCAR.

Here is a video from a user in attendance:

Dillion was extracated from the vehicle, or what was left of the vehicle, with only a bruised tailbone and forearm.

And to cap off the crazy night, Dale Earnhardt’s son, Dale Earnhardt Jr won the race.


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