COFFS HARBOUR, New South Wales (CBS Atlanta) — We’re going to need a bigger whale.

Australian diver Brett Vercoe recorded five large and hungry sharks tearing into a sperm whale carcass in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, last week. Three white pointers and two tiger sharks measured over 13 feet in length.

“I spent three hours watching as the sharks leisurely took advantage of this abundant food source,” Vercoe posted on the YouTube video.

The whaled washed up on Campbells Beach the day after the recording.

“The next morning it washed up on Campbells Beach and was buried precariously close to the water’s edge where it will take years to slowly decompose – all the while leaching rotting whale scent into the nearby waters,” Vercoe said.

This video comes as at least 11 people have been attacked along the Carolinas coast in 2015.


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