Working for the Braves, I get asked a TON of questions. Fans see me on the Big Screen and just assume I am the “Go To Person” for everything Braves. Comes with the territory, I’m ok with it.

My favorite questions include:

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1) Can I meet a player? Normally asked 10 mins before first pitch. (Sadly, 99.9% of the time, no you can’t)
2) How can I get an autograph? (Sometimes they sign during batting practice, sometimes outside the players parking lot a few hours before the game and rarely as they leave after a game).
3) Can I get free tickets? (Sure, just not from me.)

But by far the most common question I get, at least 10x a game is: How do I Win a Prize on The Big Screen?

Here are my Top 4 tips on getting seen and playing a game with me on Braves Vision.

1) Wear Braves Gear. Aside from a soldier or a celebrity, to be on BRAVES Vision, at a BRAVES Game, you need to have on some kind of BRAVES Gear.

2) Be Sober. Although you and your boys are having a big night out playing “let’s drink beer!”, Turner Field is still a family spot and a slobbering idiot trying not to fall over while picking a NAPA Cap is not attractive.

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3) Become an A-List Member (Season Ticket Holder). Even for as little as 20 Games, you are offered the opportunity to “Make a Memory” at a future game. That could be watch batting practice, tour the Club House or play a game on Braves Vision.

4) Finally, Don’t Ask Me. Sorry. They don’t let me pick the contestants, I would say yes to everybody. They do a majority of the selecting in the Fan Plaza Pre-Game. Go ask one of the Tomahawk Team girls, they can find out if we need any contestants that night.

One more option is in the Fan Plaza, they play a ton of games every night and on slow nights, are desperate for contestants.

Good luck! Maybe I’ll see your sober, Braves jersey wearing, A-List Member self one night!

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