After 21-year-old white male Dylann Roof decided to go postal on innocent Emmanuel AME congregation members in Charleston, South Carolina – committing nothing less than acts of racially motivated domestic terrorism – there were many who still claimed this criminal and malicious act was not motivated by race.

Even now there are those who refuse to admit the obvious truth: WE DO NOT LIVE IN A POST RACIAL AMERICA!  We reside in a borderland of sorts between the claims of the “forefathers” and the reality that is.

Let’s begin with the stark contrast between preteens and teens in Baltimore stealing Slim Jims and cotton candy out of a CVS; there they were deemed “criminals” and “thugs” the very same day by elected officials, news commentators and some community “leaders.”

Yet the pre-meditated murdering, terrorist criminal Dylann Roof has been rationally and in a way “respectfully” described as the “perpetrator”…the “gunman”….the “accused.”

Many in mainstream media will not refer to this scumbag as a thug, a criminal, and certainly not a terrorist! Ironically these same commentators claim to remove the filter of racism in their reports but attribute a not-so-subtle privilege where in many cases whites automatically receive an unspoken “human-ness” intertwined with forgiveness and understanding.

Where is the “human-ness” and understanding for young black youth? They are routinely unapologetically judged, marginalized, misunderstood and unforgiven.

(See the difference for yourself in this media portrayal compilation on Facebook!)

Is it just me or have you too noticed when there’s an extreme attack on blacks where race is a factor all of a sudden we find whites and sing ‘Kumbaya’? Why is it that black churches must lead whites during these times of grief and racial strife? Where is the white leadership? Where are white ethics? Where are the white patriots holding our brethren and country accountable to our promises, oaths, rights and self-evident truths?

Instead we get a knee-jerk reaction that only leads to photo-ops, press conferences and never-ending social media posts. This strategy will never deal with the true problems nor create solutions to our combined problems in the racial collective.

I would love to see my white brothers and sisters denounce these senseless acts for what they are, without whitewashed excuses; and take community responsibility to create events and continuous programs amongst themselves to expose white racism and eradicating the divide amongst themselves and finally all of us. Frankly today we no longer need to march together for that. We can come together in a more meaningful way when we are unified about the source of this enigma. Continuing to ignore a deeper solution will land us in this same predictable pattern as we wait for the next horrific event.

Here is some appreciated work from our allies at Atlanta Black Star, NPR, blogger Luckygirl75 and WFAA-TV.


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