ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta)– Could taking a catnap at work boost productivity among workers? According to a new study, it very well could.

The study found that taking a short nap during work could be a successful strategy to battle impulsive behavior, and even boost frustration tolerance, as reported by Futurity. Researchers suggest that this short nap may lead to employees who are more productive and less irritable.

Lack of sleep or not sleeping through the night is a problem among many Americans and can be responsible for attention and memory issues.

The CDC reports those experiencing sleep insufficiency are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, and obesity, as well as a reduced quality of life and productivity.

Researchers examined 40 participants, ages 18 to 50, on how a brief nap affects emotional control. All participants kept a consistent sleep schedule for three nights before the test.

Participants completed tasks and were surveyed on sleepiness, mood, and impulsivity. They were then assigned at random to a 60-minute nap or no-nap period. After the hour, the participants were again asked to complete tasks and answer the the same questionnaires.

The study showed people who napped spent more time solving tasks rather than being met with frustration, in addition to feeling less impulsive.

This study, along with previous research supporting the negative effects of sleep deprivation, suggests that staying awake for long periods of time without any rest may prevent people from controlling negative emotional responses.

“Our results suggest that napping may be a beneficial intervention for individuals who may be required to remain awake for long periods of time by enhancing the ability to persevere through difficult or frustrating tasks,” Jennifer Goldschmied, the study’s lead author, told Futurity.

The study was published in the online journal Personality and Individual Differences.


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