By Mark Zinno

There’s nothing better than a new owner. It gives everyone the feeling of hope and excitement. When Tony Ressler took over as the leader of the new ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks, all fans felt that sense of “maybe this is the start of something really big in Atlanta!” Ressler is a guy who talks a big game and thinks even bigger. That is evidenced by his first meeting with the media on Thursday where he hinted at a new arena. I mean it stands to reason that since the Hawks unveiled new uniforms, the must need a new arena too, right? Perfect sense! Ok, that sort of like buying a new car just because you put oil in it, but it certainly builds the excitement I referenced earlier.

Philips Arena is only 15 years old. By arena/stadium standards, that young. But much like Falcons owner Arthur Blank wanted a new home for his Falcons after taking over the digs at the Georgia Dome weren’t even 10 years old, Ressler wants something new for his team as well. Let’s also not forget, Atlanta’s other franchise, the Braves also are in construction for a new home as well.

A new arena is not a matter of if it will happen, just when. Billionaires tend to like things of their own because they can afford them and Tony Ressler is no different. It is a new dawn for the Hawks franchise and it looks like it’s coming with new everything. Regardless of new uniforms and a new arena, fans are still wanting one new thing that has evaded them: a new trophy case for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.