When you are in a relationship there are always topics that need to be discussed. Some are very easy and open while others can be tough and difficult. However, many times we avoided the difficult ones because we don’t know how to discuss them or we are afraid of the result after the discussion. For example if we discuss the issue of time. Maybe you are a person who respects time and values a time. You are always early and never late but your mate has no conception of time. Could that be a deal breaker in your relationship? You have mentioned it, overlook it at times, and swept it under the rug and now your late to a very important function to you because of them. What will happen now? Today on Love & Relationships we are discussed Relationship Topics People Don’t Discuss until It’s Too Late?

Ms. Rhonda Hight was our in studio guest today. Ms. Hight is a certified instructor for American Management Association (AMA) courses, a master certified instructor for the Civil Treatment Series & Value Ethics curriculum, registered corporate coach, certified DISC Facilitator, and certified facilitator for Advanced Coaching.

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