Notes from a cocktail napkin…

#1) ESPN to award an ESPY for courage to Bruce Jenner?

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I could think of a few more deserving souls.

Like Jim Kelly who fought cancer and then a MRSA infection while helping to raise hundreds of thousand of dollars to help fight the disease.

And then there’s arguably the most deserving recipient of The Arthur Ashe Courage Award. It would be a posthumous award for Lauren Hill. You may remember seeing the stories about her on SportsCenter over the last year. She battled a brain tumor during her freshman year at Mount St. Joseph’s. And was able to step on the court and play with the women’s basketball team fulfilling her very short lifelong dream. By the time she passed away at age 19, her non profit had raised over $1.5 million to fight cancer.

A washed up emasculated reality show star who got a sex change & will continue to date women gets The Arthur Ashe Courage Award? ESPN should be ashamed of using this twisted publicity stunt to drive ratings for it’s bloated award show.

Bruce Jenner’s “transformation” is just another sad chapter for this once proud Olympic hero who’s become just another self involved reality show stooge. A punch line to a joke as the patriarch of The Kardashians,  the most banal, vacuous show on Television.

If a boy or girl who is struggling with their sexual identity can use Bruce Jenner as a role model and take solace in his “transformation” that’s great. But don’t throw this fraud in our faces on ESPN. Bruce Jenner has fake boobs but still has his twig & berries. That’s a sex change? Now I’m more confused than he is! This clown already has a contract for his new Caitlyn reality show, this is all a publicity stunt. Enough already!

People can go to and sign the petition for Lauren Hill to receive the Ashe award and not Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Here’s the link from today’s USA Today article:…/laurenhillpetition…/20588953

#2) The Falcons had to cut Prince Shembo and if you don’t understand why there’s not much I can say to explain it to you.

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But I ‘ll try anyway.

Two words… Mike Vick, two more… Roger Goodell.

Now if it was Julio Jones or Matt Ryan that’s a different story, suspensions for sure, but if your #7 of 8 linebackers on the depth cart you don’t have any leeway. NFL players have to understand what zero tolerance means.

If the girlfriend has an annoying dog… get a new girlfriend.

#3) The Stanley Cup Final start Wednesday, I like The Blackhawks in 5. Too much fire power against some shaky Lightning goaltending.

#4) How bought UGA bringing in former Virginia QB Greyson Lambert? He graduates up in Charlottesville next month and will eligible for this football season.

Might be an upgrade over Ramsey & Bauta and a nice stop gap until super recruit Jacob Eason rolls in from Washington.

#5) Alright I gotta say it, the primer paint craze has gone too far. I saw a beautiful new Jaguar XJ sedan in what back in the day I’d call Bondo Red.

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The matte finish looks cool when done in black or white or powder coat rims… but c’mon man… a car is supposed to pop in the sunshine, not look it’s going back to Earl Sheib for a final coat.