Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial start of summer and that means trips to the beach, pool, the lake and Braves Baseball. Spending the evening at the Ol’ Ballpark is synonymous with lightning bugs and Georgia humidity. This summer the Braves have made an old team look brand new. Young faces scattered in with veterans and rookies looking to make a name for themselves in Braves Country.

For the past 9 summers, I’ve spent just about every night at the Ted watching the good guys have historic wins and heartbreaking losses, but through all of it, I’ve remained a Braves fan, win or lose. I’ve also learned a few things about Turner Field that could save you a few bucks when you want to bring the family to a game. Visiting a MLB Park is not cheap, I know that. You could easily spend half a paycheck on a family of 4 if you went for the high dollar seats and indulged in new gear and lots of popcorn and Crackerjacks.

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So here are a few secrets to The Ted that may save you a few mins and a few bucks:

#5) You can bring your own food. Gotta be in a soft cooler and you cant bring booze or glass. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a full Thanksgiving Dinner, but grab some Varsity and some cold Cokes and you will be fine.

#4) Park on the other side of the highway. The walk under the bridge is not that bad, plus there is a gate on the corner as you exit the bridge. This will help avoid the traffic of getting into the blue, green, orange, poka dot lots, plus closer to first pitch, they sometimes drop the price to park. Sometimes.

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#3) Stub Hub – A great spot for last min tickets. Mainly used by season ticket holders to unload at the last min. I have seen folks get behind the dugout for $20.

#2) Men – There is a secret bathroom! Its on the 200 level, behind home plate, behind the big oil painting. If you need some privacy or are pee-shy, this spot is usually empty and pretty clean (until the 5th inning or so). Sorry ladies, I don’t know of a secret womens room. I would research it, but I don’t want to get arrested.

#1) About an hour before the game they give away a ton of prizes in the plaza (just inside the main gates). On slow nights, they are desperate for contestants. This season they have revamped the games and prizes. This last home stand, I saw people winning Bobbleheads, future game tickets and autographed stuff. Look for Homer out there too, always good for a picture.

So there ya go. Enjoy it while you can.

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