OK, guys…..you can come back….the flower vase is gone now.

And the somewhat flattened roofline gives the new Beetle…even the convertible….a bit of a retro look. Nice save, VW….and welcome back!

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We had the good fortune to be able to test a diesel version convertible Beetle for a week…and is the case with all diesels now, we promptly forgot it was a diesel except when filling up….or when looking at the 40+ MPG’s showing on the trip computer.

Diesels are known for their torque….their “Green-Light -Go”….and the diesel Beetle is no exception. While 150 horsepower may not sound like much, Volkswagen’s improved for ’15 Turbo Diesel delivers all that you need….and then some.

Punch the pedal on the right too hard from a dead stop and you’ll pop and old-fashioned “wheelie”….and snap your head back. It’s that strong.

In fact, this car is just a delight to drive. Excellent power….good brakes….and effortless ride and handling. A surprise is how quiet the vehicle is….even at interstate speeds. The thickly-padded top seems to muffle road noise every bit as effectively as would a hard-top.

And speaking of the top, you go from top-up to top-down in something like seven seconds.

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Our test Beetle come in an interesting color….a dusty brown that VW calls “Toffee Brown Metallic”….which came with a perfect interior for a convertible….a beige perforated leatherette that’ll keep the heat down as much as possible when parked topless in the sun.

This restyled Diesel Beetle would be a fun driver even if it weren’t a convertible, but having the option to drop the top in seconds was just icing on the cake.

The only down-side is that rear seat room is tight for all but youngsters and a part of the trunk is dedicated to holding the top. But compared to its’ strictly two-seat competition, the Beetle’s rear seat room is a perfect place to throw suitcases and bags….grab your passenger…..and go. And again, thanks to the Beetle’s well-insulated cabin, and impeccable manners, it’s perfectly capable of turning that weekend road-trip into a transcontinental expedition without wearing on your good nature!

And if you are hitting the open road, the Diesel Beetle will deliver an EPA rated 40 highway MPG. ( 41 if you opted for the hardtop. ) We got a little better than the EPA, tho’……42 on the road and 37 – 38 around town.

So what’s the price for seven-second-sun? Just $15 over 31K for the Diesel….and 26 and change if you went with the standard gas 1.8 Turbo.

At today’s gas / diesel prices, the diesel might save the average driver around five dollars a week over the standard gas engine. You’ll pay a few thousand more, however, for the diesel. But then diesels are known for lasting much longer than their gas-engined brothers.

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Whether you opt for gas or diesel, Volkswagen’s Convertible Beetle offers some of the lowest-cost fun-in-the-sun driving available these days!