By Mark Owens

I love College Football and last week College Football made me smile.

On Tuesday, the NCAA certified three new bowl games in Tucson, Arizona; Austin, Texas; and Orlando, Florida.

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With the three new bowls, there will be a record 42 bowl games, including the College Football Playoff title game, meaning 82 teams will go bowling. So, almost 65% of the almost 130 FBS Teams will reach a bowl.

Good, I love it. The more the better. I have no problem with numerous bowl games because let’s be honest, outside of the Playoffs (this year the Cotton and Orange bowl) and the mid major Bowls like Fiesta, CFA, Sugar and Rose, the rest are just vacations for the kids and extra practice for the coaches.

I have no issue with a kid who will most likely never make it into the NFL getting a chance to travel for a few seasons with his team to Tampa for the Outback Bowl or even playing at Ford Field for the “Quick Lane Bowl”.

Furthermore, how cool would it be tell your kids you got to play at Yankee Stadium for a college football game. Few people can say that. Plus, for the kid that probably won’t play on Sundays, they get the coveted “goody bag” of watches, Xbox’s and Gift Cards. Much more exciting than the “I played in the Camellia Bowl” t-shirt.

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And yes, for every trip for Hawaii or Miami there are the Go Daddy Bowls in Mobile or the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, but its still better than sitting at home and watching.

The NCAA makes huge money off Bowl Games and last season, ESPN saw a massive increase in ratings with the Sugar and Rose Bowl having the 2 largest audiences in their history. The Auburn – Wisconsin Bowl game on ESPN2 saw their biggest audience in the channels history. Granted, attendance is way down for most non playoff games. You can blame that on better TVs and increased ticket prices. But as long as people still watch, and some company pays to have their name painted in the grass, they will play it in front of 10 people.

Finally, the argument that 6-6 teams getting a bowl bid is rewarding mediocre teams is tired. Football is a business and as we well know, the NCAA likes to make money. There is a small chance a player on a 6-6 team will make it to the NFL, so playing one or 2 more postseason games is a nice reward for 3-4 years of hard work before they start a career in the insurance field.

I’ll watch every one. Because, I love college football. Even the 6-6 teams.

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