By John Michaels

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather was supposed to be the fight that brought boxing back, but unfortunately we saw a typical Mayweather defensive fight that left many of us saying this event was over-hyped! This got me to thinking… in my lifetime what were the most over-hyped events, whether sports or otherwise?

5. Dave and Dan – Dave Johnson and Dan O’Brien were decathletes set to participate in the 1992 Summer Olympics, when Reebok stepped in with a massive marketing campaign. The television spots featured the same general message: “Who will be the world’s greatest athlete – Dan or Dave? To be settled in Barcelona. Problem happened when O’Brien failed to qualify for the Olympics and Johnson only finished with a bronze… guess neither one of them was the “greatest athlete”

4. XFL – “Welcome to the XFL” in my best Vince McMahon voice. Remember at the turn of the century the WWF decided to dive into football. They brought some innovative ideas the “sky cam” the “opening scramble” and “nicknames” on the backs of jerseys. Problem was the play on the field was minor league at best and TV ratings and attendance nose dived after a fairly successful opening weekend. Much like many of McMahons wrestling characters careers the XFL lasted just 1 year.

3. Al Capone’s Vault – Back in 1986 Geraldo Rivera was going to show the nation via TV what was inside one of Al Capone’s secret vaults. So for 2 hours an estimated 30 million people watched with the hope that Rivera would uncover great riches or bodies… to our dismay the only thing that was found was debris and a few empty bottles.

2. Fox Sports 1 – Supposed to be a direct competitor to ESPN, Fox Sports 1 launched in 2013. The network reaches upwards of 80 million homes, and their signature show (competitor to Sports Center) is Fox Sports Live. Unfortunately for the channel the bulk of sports fans have not made the switch to most of their programming despite the fact that the station spent millions of dollars on talent.

1. Y2K – Remember the Y2K scare… computer programs wouldn’t be able to distinguish the 00 abbreviation, whether 1900 or 2000. Committees were set up, focus groups were set up and a global scare set in that on January 1, 2000 massive collapse of computers and systems around the world. “The Y2K problem is the electronic equivalent of the El Niño and there will be nasty surprises around the globe.” — John Hamre, United States Deputy Secretary of Defense. January 1st came and went without the global collapse that was feared making it the most over-hyped event of all time.


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