I’ll admit, while I’m not a huge boxing fan, this Mayweather/Pacquiao fight was intriguing on so many different levels. The absurd amount of money being spent on tickets, the celebs that attended, the way Vegas almost closed down to accommodate the hordes of people expected and finally, after its done, the fans cried foul.

Now, I didn’t order the fight, I had a Braves game, but I did stay awake to follow the action on Twitter. ESPN was giving round by round live updates and social media did a good job describing the action, so it felt like I was there.

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In the end, I’m glad I didn’t buy the PPV or pay to hang out at a bar to watch it. From all accounts, the fight failed to live up to the hype. However – nothing could live up to the expectations placed on those 12 Rounds.

We have picked apart every angle of what happened inside the ring, but I was more interested in what happened outside the arena. The biggest winner was easily Burger King and Jimmy Kimmel. When Kimmel walked out with Pacquiao, Twitterverse exploded. Amazing job on Kimmel for branding his show (and apparently, they had this planned for a while). The other winner was Burger King. How random to see that big scary mascot walking behind Mayweather. Story goes, BK spent close to $1 Million (!!) to have the King be part of the Entourage. Money well spent.

Loser was the fans who spent $50,000+ on tickets. Hours before the fight, you could get in for $2,500 for the nosebleeds, tickets that once cost over $10,000 each. Still too rich for my blood, but if you paid $35,000 for your seats and the guy next to you paid $5,500, that sucks.

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Also, reports from Cable companies of server issues because so many people wanted to buy the fight at the last min. They even had to delay the fight for about 45 mins. I would be pissed to be in the arena waiting on PPV to kick in. However, why were people waiting till the last min anyway?! The early estimate is 3 million PPV buys, the biggest in history.

From Vegas, no huge reports of fights or Casinos being trashed or ill-prepared for the crowds. There was 1 shooting on the strip around midnight, but that was about it.

Finally, Vegas Casinos and Hotels felt the over hyped expectations. Rooms, which once started at $400 a night for the Cheapo Downtown Spots, $1500 a night on the Strip, fell to $100 Downtown and $250 on the Strip.

That was an expensive lesson in promotion and hype. Now, when do tickets for the rematch go on sale?

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