Final Shots From The Peanut Gallery…

Finally the fight is here.  No more talking.  Now it’s time to put up or shut up in the actual ring.   In one corner you have Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated, 11 time world champion in 5 different weight classes and arguably one of the best defensive and technically skilled fighters of all time.  In the opposite corner you have Manny Pacquiao, the 10 time world champion in an unprecedented 8 different weight classes who is a hard hitting, super quick southpaw, and a menace in the ring.    In Floyd you have a guy who is chasing history and wants to retire undefeated.    As for Manny you have a guy who has a chance to become a hero to many who have wanted to see that 0 disappear from Floyd’s resume for years.  As Floyd has said, 47 have tried and 47 have failed in trying to do what Manny is attempting to do this weekend.  Can Manny Pacquiao become the first to do it and humble and defeated the confident and brash Floyd Mayweather?

So it’s prediction time.  How do I see the fight going tonight at the MGM?  Honestly?  Very boring.  Don’t’ want to disappoint people who are spending lots of money to witness this event tonight, but boring is the closer reality than exciting and action packed for this fight.  Why?  Because one thing I know about Floyd Mayweather is he may be one of the smartest fighters to ever enter the ring.  You can argue about  his place in history, but you can’t argue that man’s intelligence in the ring.  I’ve never seen a fighter make the in fight adjustments like him and find your weaknesses and exploit them like Floyd.  I don’t expect tonight to be any different.  

In the first few rounds I actually I see Manny having moments because he knows his s only chance to win will be to pressure Floyd  constantly and making him uncomfortable in the ring.  Maybe even pushing Floyd against the ropes which other fighters have had success when doing so.   Manny will keep throwing punches to Floyd even if they aren’t going to land.  I see Manny winning the first few rounds on activity alone because Floyd will be studying Manny more earlier on than actually fighting him.   As the fight goes on I see Floyd making the needed adjustments and starting to figure out Manny’s gameplan.  And then as Manny starts to tire and make mistakes Floyd’s going to counter him and make him pay for those mistakes around the middle of the fight.  There will probably even be some boos coming from those expensive seats at the MGM because Manny will try to keep finding Floyd and hurt him, but Floyd won’t be there.  Floyd will be boxing, jabbing, blocking, and picking his places when to engage and counter Manny.   Manny will be frustrated.  Probably not as frustrated as the fans who want to see Floyd lose.   They will be screaming Floyd is running and scared to fight.  Those are also the same fans who are newbies to the sport and won’t know that boxing is scored on defense, clean punching, ring generalship, and effective aggressiveness.   And Floyd will have the advantage in all those areas tonight.  That’s not going to make for a fun fight for the average boxing fan, but it is the perfect kind of fight Floyd Mayweather needs to get the job done. 

If you want a bloody and back and forth fight, with very little to no defense, I’d recommend you Youtube fights like Castillo/Corrales I and Gatti/Ward I.   Saturday night won’t be that.  It will be a very technical, highly effective, and at times not so entertaining performance for the winner of Saturday night’s megafight…Floyd Money Mayweather via unanimous decision.


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