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We are literally just days away from one of the biggest events in sports history when Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  There are media outlets covering boxing and writing stories that have never covered the sport before.   Some stories have done the sport and this fight justice, while others on the other hand should be ashamed of themselves.    Unfortunately I recently dealt with the latter when I made the mistake of hopping on to the four letter networks newly awful redesigned website and what did I see as a lead story?   A headline that read “The Boxer and the Batterer.”  It was a story on Floyd Mayweather that documented his trouble with the law which included his going to jail for domestic assault.  This is the story they needed to put on their website to help talk about this fight Saturday night?   You have two of the greatest fighters of this era finally facing each other and this is the lead story?   Look I’m not trying to defend Floyd or any of his actions.  I think Floyd has made several mistakes, but you know what he also paid for many of them as well.   That included going to jail for domestic assault.   However did I mention this case was closed and he did his time for this three years ago?  I repeat domestic violence is an awful act and Floyd needed to be held accountable.  He has had 5 cases including one pending currently against him for domestic violence right now.   But I have to ask again why is this the story for this week?  The article even went as far as saying that Floyd should be suspended and not allowed to fight Saturday night.  You would have thought Floyd had “battered” the author who wrote this story.   All due respect to this author, but what does what happened with Floyd three years ago have to do with the biggest fight of this century happening this Saturday night?  How is this story good for boxing?  How is this making the casual fan become more of a fan of the sport of boxing and the event Saturday night?

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I know Floyd is cocky.  I know he can rub even the nicest person the wrong way.  He’s done some dumb things and I will never defend those.   But it seems people like the author of this article and some others I have read and seen this week are going out of their way to paint this good vs. evil in this fight.  One minute on the four letter network you will see stories about how Manny Pacquiao grew up poor and is this all around great person who can do no wrong.  Then the next minute we see a story on Floyd flaunting and bragging about his lavish lifestyle like he’s never struggled for anything.  If you just go by what you see you would have no idea that Floyd Mayweather is a rags to riches story just like Manny Pacquiao.  He grew up in a single parent home with a mom on welfare and a dad in jail, but overcame all that to win a medal in the Olympics and become arguably one of the best fighters of this era.  Where’s that story?   Is that not sexy enough?  Pacquiao is a great guy, but he’s also an admitted adulterer to his longtime wife.  Why are media outlets not rummaging through Pacquaio’s closet to bring to light all of his mistakes like that one?  I guess that’s not a good enough story and defuses the whole good vs evil story.  Why the focus on only this small part of Mayweather’s past?

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Why is the media not talking about the good things that Floyd Mayweather has actually done?  Things such as pay for the funeral of boxer Genaro Hernandez who died years ago.   Oh and why did Floyd do that? Because Hernandez’s family didn’t have enough money to give him a proper funeral that Floyd thought he deserved as boxer like himself.   He wasn’t even friends with Hernandez.  In fact Floyd beat him in a fight early in Floyd’s career and the two had very little interaction in the years since they fought.  Floyd also offered to pay for the funeral of hall of fame fighter “Smoking” Joe Frazier when he died of cancer years ago.  Why? Because Floyd thought it was the right thing to do as Frazier’s family was struggling financially.  He also didn’t want any attention for making these gestures and wanted it kept anonymous, but the families let the cat out the bag both times.  Where’s the story on Floyd’s relationship with Nate Jones?   Jones is a retired boxer and member of the 1996 USA Olympic team with Floyd, but had pretty much the opposite career of Floyd in terms of accomplishments after the Olympics.  In fact  about 10 years ago Jones was broke, retired, and almost homeless when it was Floyd who gave him a job as a trainer at his gym.   Jones now refers to Mayweather as his “guardian angel.”   Besides Jones most of Floyd’s team for this fight Saturday are the same people that has been with him for the majority of his career.   Ask some of those guys about Floyd and you will hear words like “Loyal,” “Genuine,” and “Friend.” If you read some of the stories I have read and seen this week including the one I mentioned earlier you would assume that the average person who knew Floyd would be saying words like “dirtbag” and “scum of the earth” when it came to describing him as a person.

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I was always told there are two sides to a story.  It’s hard to see that the way the media has portraying Floyd Mayweather this week.  Yes domestic violence is one side.  However it needs to be said that contrary to what you might read or see this week there is plenty of good both in the past and currently going on in the life of Floyd Mayweather.  He’s more than a “boxer” and  definitely much more than a “batterer.”