I love Vegas. I go every year. However, I don’t go for the Clubs, Shows or Nudie Bars, I go to drink cheap liquor, gamble at 2 am and eat crappy food. Basically, everything I’m not allowed to do in Atlanta.

I Love Downtown Vegas. The old, blue collar side of Sin City. Its cheaper, easier to get around and you don’t need rock hard abs to sit by the pool. Its not really sexy and can be a little trashy, but that’s why I love it. When I take my wife, we will stay on the strip and do the “Vegas” tourist stuff.

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I love Vegas, but you couldn’t pay me to go this weekend for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.

Vegas is going to be out of control and not in a good way. Casinos are charging $400 a night for a room and that’s on the cheap side. Clubs are asking $140 cover!! $140 to get in, fight your way to the bar, then pay another $30 for a beer. If you like gambling, good luck finding a table with limits below $25. The nicer restaurants have been booked for weeks and the 24 hour diners will be full of drunk rookies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m intrigued by the fight and the town is going to make some real money, but people are already comparing this to NBA All Star weekend, which, if you ask anyone that lives/works in Vegas, was a nightmare. Its not the fight fans that will cause a problem, it will be the tens of thousands of knuckleheads full of testosterone and booze roaming the streets wanting to be part of… something?

This also could be the biggest economic weekend in Vegas history.

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Here are some numbers heading into Fight Weekend:

  • Average Hotel: $565 a night. Hey – MGM Grand has some available for $1600! (Orbitz)
  • Ticket Price for the Fight: $5,500 (cheapest) up to $100,000+ (per Stub Hub)
  • Can’t get into the fight? Some Hotels are showing it on a Closed Circuit for $150 a ticket!
  • Not to mention, Tecate Beer spent over $6 Million to be the primary sponsor!

This is not a bad thing, prices are so high because people will pay for it.

However – Vegas is the place to be this weekend. And EVERYBODY will want to be there.

For this guy, as much as I love Vegas, I’m ok with reading the results on Twitter, for free.

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