The web geeks here at 92-9 The Game said I have to write up an NFL mock draft… Huh? I’m really supposed to handicap all 32 picks?

That’s way too labor intensive for a slacker like me. I could cut & paste a complete draft but that’s cheating…

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How about an 8 team mock draft? Who cares what happens after the Falcons pick anyway?

I like to try and wait as long as I can before submitting one of these mock drafts. So many variables, like who’s gonna get busted for weed the week of the draft (Shane Ray). Who’s has a lingering injury that may require more surgery (Shane Ray)… So basically it’s been a bad couple of week’s for the Mizzou DE once slated as a top 10 draft pick.

So Falcons fans looking for some pass rush, just scratch him off the list… and if the Falcon Filter is still in place forget about Randy Gregory too. His positive test for pot the week of the NFL Combine may preclude him from our draft board… unless Dan Quinn says screw that noise, I need the baddest bad ass pass rushers available, period.

For those not familiar with Falcon Filter, it’s the perceived approach to the draft & free agency mandated by Arthur Blank after the Mike Vick fiasco. The Falcons won’t touch guys with “black dots” next to their name. No off field issues. The approach has contributed to a lack of playmakers especially on the defensive side of the ball where the Falcons ranked dead last in 2014.

I’m hoping that Dan Quinn’s interpretation of the Falcon Filter is a big sieve with plenty of holes in it so we can get some real hombres on the team in this draft.

And what if Gregory & Ray fall into the second round? Then there’s tremendous value there, you have to grab ’em don’t you? If you bet on the come that a big time pass rusher will be there when the Falcons pick in the 2nd Round, would you draft Todd Gurley at 8? Many of you have texted and tweeted in that scenario.

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I can’t do it. I love Todd Gurley, he could be a great fit if the zone blocking scheme gets traction under Kyle Shanahan. But if I ran the Falcons draft I could not continue to pay lip service to the defensive side of the ball. We will never win a Super Bowl with the philosophy of spending all our resources on offense. Having a defense that’s “just good enough” has not worked. I gotta get a perennial pro bowl pass rusher.

I’m going to assume that 1-7 is mostly chalk, so here’s my quarter mock draft or Quarter Pounder…

1.) Bucs: QB Jamies Winston
2.) Titans: QB Mariota (then maybe they deal him)
3.) Jags: WR Amari Cooper (that’s the latest rumor)
4.) Raiders: DE/DT Leonard Williams (which requires a leap of faith that the Raiders actually do something right here)
5.) Redskins: DE Dante Fowler
6.) Jets: RB Todd Gurley
7.) Bears: DT Danny Shelton
8.) Falcons DE Vic Beasley

ESPN’s Andrew Brandt reported the Falcons might trade up to 5 to grab Dante Fowler. Our pal’s Vaughn McClure says if we trade up why not
go for the gusto and move to 3 and snag the best defensive player in the draft Leonard Williams.

I say NO WAY JOSE!!! This Falcons team has way too many needs to be sacrificing 2nd round picks, We need more O-Line help, a TE more LBs, heck we need a lot of everything.

So grab Beasley, next to Fowler he is the defensive end that is most complete and ready to go right out of the box.

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And hey he wants to be a Falcon.