It’s time for a movement and it’s more than just a morning show! Dr. F. Keith Slaughter brings you the real every morning from 7-10 AM with “The Movement“, heard on 1380 WAOK.

Today, we had two dynamic women in studio, Dr. Sherry Blake & Dr. Dionne Mahaffey. Dr. Blake is a face that you may be familiar to, making appearances on “Real Housewives Of Atlanta“, “Nancy Grace“, “Braxton Family Values” as well as other news outlets as an mental health expert. She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Atlanta and is among the most highly sought-after media experts in the area of mental health. Dr. Mahaffey is the CEO of The CPAI Group and one of the founders /current trustee member of the Atlanta Chapter of the Awesome Foundation. The Awesome Foundation is a non-profit organization, covering 26 countries & 112 cities, made up of ten people that give out $1000 in grant money, no strings attached, ten months out of the year. You can apply here to possibly be selected to be one of the recipients in upcoming months.

Hear both of these ladies interview as well as carry conversations with our listeners below:


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