Well, you gotta admit, the Braves know how to get the fans talking. Its been a wild off season for the Bravos. The roster will look nothing like the lineup from Sept. 2014, but that’s not a bad thing. Friday marks my 9th Season working as the In Game Host for the Braves and I’ve seen it all, so here are a few tips to help get you ready for the game. Trust me on this, I unlike most of the fans, am 100% sober come opening day (ok 95%).


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Get there Early – Atlanta Friday Traffic + Big Crowd = Lots of Delays. If coming in from OTP, take it around to I-20 and follow that to the city. Will save some of the Connector crap.

Get a Parking Pass online – Unless you are planning on parking on the other side of the highway in a gypsy lot, get a parking pass for the Gold, Blue, Orange, etc. lots. They will sell out and trying to turn around in traffic wont make you any friends.

Get In Your Seats Early – Braves do a good job with Opening Day Pre-Game Features. From the flyover, to the big American Flag, to the National Anthem to the First Pitch. This is the one night you don’t want to start packing up your tailgate 10 mins before first pitch. You have all season to drink till the 3rd.

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Stay Till After the Game for Fireworks – Win or Lose, we have a fireworks show after every Friday home game. And seriously, who doesn’t love fireworks? Ok, babies and dogs, but they should already be in bed.

Bring Sunscreen, a Poncho or a Jacket – There’s no telling what the weather will be like (right now, looks like a chance of rain) but that could, and will, most likely change. Bring all the necessities for a Atlanta Spring Tailgate and a night game. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

BONUS – Don’t complain to the Ushers, Vendors, Parking Staff or Guy on the Big Screen about all the off season trades. We had NOTHING to do with it. Feel free to vent, but yelling at the part timer trying to sell you a beer about Kimbrel wont do anything but annoy the beer guy.

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