Now I’m not going to call Infiniti’s QX70 a :Guy’s SUV”….because that would cheat too many spirited women out of an excellent ride.

But I will say that Infiniti’s QX70 seems to have a bit more testosterone than many of its’ rivals.

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Infiniti went through a name change last year….with all models now starting with a “Q”…..and all of their SUV’s now named as various QX’s.
But thankfully….in spite of the name change….they didn’t change the character of their vehicles.

The QX70 used to be called the FX. It’s Infiniti’s mid-sized SUV…a five-door five-seater. If you need that third row, you’ll need to step up to Infiniti’s top-of-the food chain, their V-8 powered QX80.

The 60 does just fine with Infiniti’s proven 3.7 liter V-6 pumping out 325 HP.

Your entry fee is $46,845 with destination charges….and it’s hard to get a QX70 that’s not well-equipped. A 7-speed auto, 18”alloys, moonroof, 11-speaker Bose sound, power liftgate, heated 10-way power leather seating, and heated power folding outside mirrors are all standard….as is a 17 mpg city / 24highway rating.

Want all-wheel-drive? That’s only $1,450 more….at a 1-2 MPG penalty.

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As with just about any luxury vehicle today, it’s easy to add a few thousand in options. Our test QX70 had a little over $2,950 worth of intelligent cruise control, lane-departure warning / prevention systems, intelligent braking, forward collision warning, distance control, auto-leveling adaptive headlamps and more. In other words, just about everything except the totally automated self-driving systems we’ve read are coming.

We also had a $4,300 Premium Package that brought us aluminum roof rails, hard-drive nav, 8” color screen, voice recognition, traffic and weather, around-view monitor with moving object detection, power tilt and telescoping steering wheel and quite a bit more.

But it was the $3,550 Sport Package that helped give our QX70 its’ attitude and pump up it’s “T” factor. It brought 21” dark-finish wheels, a dark-finish grille, a dark headliner, dark roof rails and other trim pieces, climate-controlled sport seating with contrasting stitching, magnesium paddle shifters, and aluminum pedals.

Special kudos to Infiniti for installing a radio with actual buttons…a radio that can be operated without taking your eyes off the road for even a second. In an era where it seems that manufacturers are in a race to out-do your I Phone or Android with their in-car electronics, Infiniti’s intelligent design will be saving lives.

But back to that “T-factor” for a moment. Infiniti’s QX70 comes across a bit like a Japanese Jaguar. It’s got a few more curves…in all the right places…plus more of a growl than some of its’ competitors. It has a bit firmer ride which compliments its’ solid handling.

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If you’re looking for a competent luxury SUV with a bit of an attitude, you may like to check out Infiniti’s QX70.