It’s WrestleMania week and while I’m a fan of the WWE, I’m not really excited about their biggest PPV of the year. Maybe its the lack of buildup, maybe the card is not as strong as I wish it would be or maybe I just haven’t watched enough lately to get invested. So, going into Sunday’s show, here is my top 5 WISHLIST of what would happen at WrestleMania.

1) They set up Undertaker’s Final Match vs Sting or Kane for next year’s WrestleMania. I have always been a fan of the Dead Man, but its time to call it a career and where better than WrestleMania 32 from Dallas in front of 100,000 fans. Make it a year long build for his final match with Sting (a fan’s dream match) or Kane, his demon brother. This would mean a Rock/Cena type build and if they were to use Kane, he would have to get out of the stale “Corporate Kane” character and go back to being the Monster Kane.

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2) Please Give The Title to a Full Time Superstar – I like Brock. I respect what he’s done, but having your Champion show up 2x a month is a waste. I personally think it cheapens the title when you give it to someone who is never there and has the chance to leave at any time. While I’m not the biggest Cena fan, at least he was there every week with the title.

3) Give the Ladder Match Plenty of Time – This could be the best match on the card featuring some of the best Superstars on the roster. I hope they give it plenty of time to allow each guy to shine and have a moment. Furthermore, let this set up some future fun feuds.

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4) No Cheap DQ Finishes Please – I’m ok with run-ins or someone coming down to distract the good guy, but this is WrestleMania. Save the cheap finish for Smackdown.

5) Let the Announce Team Call the Match – Maybe I’m just nostalgic for Good Ol JR, but lately the announce teams spend more time bickering or plugging the WWE App than calling the actual match. I never thought I’d miss Lawler with Cole, but I do. I’m a fan of Booker T the 5x Champion, not Booker T the commentator.

With all this said, I may skip Mania all together and watch The Walking Dead season finale instead, it looks more interesting.

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