The weather is slowly starting to turn, kids all over the metro are getting ready for (or trying to remember) Spring Break 2015 and most adults are securing Summer vacation dates. It’s time to hit the beach.

Being a beach bum, I try to get the family to the coast 3-5 times a year, even if just for a long weekend. As I get older, my days in the sand are spent chasing my 2 year old or just… sitting. One element of a day at the beach that’s become a “necessity” are the games we play. I’m guilty of bringing a football or kickball to play with, but some of the “beach games” are just a money grab from the local Surf Shops. So, here’s a quick Top 5 Overrated Beach Games.

1) Paddle Ball – Seriously, the dumbest game ever. A flat, hard paddle and a ball. Neat. Have you ever seen a volley go more than 4 hits? No. More often than not, the ball gets washed away.

2) Corn Hole – I know this is not a popular choice, but this game is EVERYWHERE. Its easy to set up at a Tailgate because you pull it out and play it a few feet from  your car. At the beach, you have to lug it through the sand to play what, 3 games? Ask the folks to your left if you can use their’s, I’m sure they won’t mind.

3) Kites – In theory, a great idea. But you must have some real wind. If not, you waste 30 mins running up and down the beach looking foolish with a limp kite, and that’s just embarrassing.

4) Plastic Bowling Ball & Pins – Who thought that would be fun? Here, roll a ball as straight as you can on uneven sand! That will be $12 please.

5) Frisbees – Another popular choice, but unless you can throw one, don’t. You will end up running over someones potato salad or kick sand all over drunk frat boys while trying to catch your kids bad throw.

With that said, a few fun games include: talk to your friends, swim and my favorite, drink some beer!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the coast this summer chasing a Frisbee after losing money on a game of corn hole.

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