I am not panicking… I am not freaking out… ok, I did a little Tuesday afternoon as NFL free agency got underway and the Falcons were minor players at best.

Certainly Brooks Reed and Justin Durant are upgrades at LB but when your current starters are 2 undrafted free agents in Worrilow & Bartu how hard can it be to get better? The Texans Reed can be a poor man’s Bruce Irvin (Seattle’s situational pass rushing OLB under Dan Quinn )… I suppose. Durant was having a career year for the Cowboys as defensive captain until he torn a bicep ended his season in week 8.

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So we are better at linebacker, can’t argue with that, Prince Shembo will also be playing OLB which is his natural position.

I was just hoping we’d grab Greg Hardy. Combined The Kraken with a Randy Gregory or a Vic Beasley with our 8th overall pick in the draft and… Boom! Instant pass rush. Something this team hasn’t had… in forever.

Yes I know many of you guys are telling me to drop the Hardy nonsense. He may get a 2 game suspension from the NFL over the domestic violence in Charlotte. First found guilty of misdemeanor domestic assault his appeal case was dismissed so in the eyes of The State of North Carolina he’s clean. Once Goodell & his cronies extract their pound of flesh lets grab a beast pass rusher who because off the off field antics now comes cheaper!

You want swagger and attitude? Turn off the Falcon filter and lets get a true bad ass.

Meanwhile who’s blocking for Matt Ryan? We picked up guard/tackle Mike Person, a guy who has played for 4 teams in 4 years.

Hopefully more moves to beef up the o-line and find another tight end. As I type this up we have  after all nearly $29 million in cap space…

In Quinn we trust, just thought there would be more action in the first 48 hours of free agency.


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I made it from Midtown to Atlanta Motor Speedway in 45 minutes two weeks ago on race day. I had never seen less traffic on Tara Blvd in my 16 years of coming to the race. It was the smallest crowd to ever attend a Sprint Cup race at AMS partly because of the frigid temperatures and the on and off misty rain.

Yeah the weather was brutal but ultimately you can blame the diminished crowd on the idiots who run NASCAR. They have monkeyed around with the dates for years. If NASCAR is looking to kill off the Atlanta race they’re almost there.

Drivers love racing at Atlanta. Fans love watching the race under normal conditions. Fans also like to be able to plan their weekend around a solid date that isn’t dropped or moved at the whim of the numb skulls who have bastardized the sport. NASCAR saw extensive growth the last 20 years and overplayed it’s hand by taking races away from the sport’s Southern roots to cookie cutter mildly banked tracks that provide awful racing.

Kansas got 2 races, NASCAR wanted to expand the into New England so the boring race at Loudon now happens twice a year. The worst part of NASCAR’s NHL like over expansion to non traditional markets was that unique old school tracks were wiped off the schedule.

My personal favorite track North Wilkesboro, The Wrigley Field of racing was the first casualty being shuttered in 1996. Then Rockingham went the way of the Dodo in 04′ to make way for more Texas races.  Then one of the greatest of all NASCAR’s old school heritage tracks, Darlington lost one of it’s 2 races.

That’s all you need to know about the goobers who run NASCAR. They take away a race from “The Track Too Tough To Tame” to give us flat tracks that are all lame!

Kentucky has 14 degree banking, who wants to watch that? The high banking of place like Atlanta combined with it’s older surface makes for some of the best side by side racing of the year.

Faster speeds and more action is what I grew up watching and loving.  But NASCAR go too big for it’s britches and put a sway bar right through the heart of it’s old school Southern fan base.

And expand for what? Did you see the Vegas race Sunday… 25,000 seats covered in an American flag and tarps. NASCAR really has blown it, ratings are down, attendance is down and by the looks of some of the grab ass sponsorships, the big corporate money is going elsewhere as well.

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Atlanta racing fans can’t be blamed for this one. Lousy weather, inconsistent dates and the over riding feeling that NASCAR like some greedy 2nd wife is ready to the pull the plug on a classy Southern gentleman on his deathbed.