I’m spoiled when it comes to doing cool stuff. I work for the Braves, so I’ve been there for memorable events (infield fly rule game, Chipper Jones and Bobby Cox Retirement Nights, concerts, etc). Plus, working in radio, I’ve been able to get close to some big events like WWE WrestleMania, NASCAR Weekends and even Bull Riding. I’m very lucky, but still have a lot of things on my sports bucket list I want to check off sooner than later.

Here is my updated Sports Bucket List:

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1) Tapatio Springs is a Golf Course near San Antonio TX that has Country Superstar George Strait as an investor and designer (they even have a 2 bedroom George Strait private suite). As a big fan of golf and country music, a weekend with my dad playing 27 holes followed by a steak while listening to King George sounds pretty nice.

2) Braves Fantasy Camp. I love baseball, I love the Braves, but I attend over 75 games a season, so getting burned out is not uncommon. Braves Fantasy Camp is a week of instruction by former players, where fans can live out the dream of being a member of the team. You get to play real games at the Wide World of Sports Complex and its pretty realistic. Despite getting tired of baseball, Fantasy Camp sounds like a great excuse to pretend I have some sort of athletic talent.

3) Vegas NASCAR Race. Ok, this is a bit of a repeat because I have already been to Vegas for NASCAR weekend and it was awesome. Took a week to dry out. I want to do it again, but this time, park an RV at the infield for the weekend. Redneck Gambling.

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4) As a baseball fan, I’m supposed to say “visit every ballpark in the country!” but not for me. There are handful of places/teams I’d like to visit (Nationals Park, SF Giants, Yankees and yes, even the Miami Marlins), but seeing 20 stadiums before I die is not a Bucket List item. Seeing more than 3 is a goal though.

5) Tailgate at every SEC School on Game Day. Not as a visitor, but as a fan. Granted, I wont be wearing anything with Tennessee Orange, but I would LOVE to tailgate on the river. The Grove, oh man, spending a Saturday in the Grove. Experiencing everything included in a Texas A&M Game. Party in Nashville before a Vandy game. Those are just a few. Now, I don’t know if I could make it a full Saturday in Gainesville and I will not wear any teams colors, but I think it would be a great way to experience other schools traditions.

I have a kid now, so if I could only do 1, gotta be golf with dad listening to George Strait.

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