NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird joined Dukes & Bell to talk about Dominique Wilkins statue unveiling. Bird is in town for the event and the festivities surrounding it.

Bird said, “Dominique was a great athelete, very competitive, a great man, very cordial and I always enjoyed being around him. I like Dominique, Dominique’s a good man.”

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Carl Dukes asks Bird, “As an executive in the game today, what do you like about today’s game?” Bird answered, “The players have more freedom now. You can’t put your hands on them, back when I played you could hand check, you could body the guys going through the middle of the lane, so the game’s a lot freer now.”

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“I think the game’s changed for the better,” said Bird. “We had some great players back in my day, but they’ve got some really great players now. Players that could play in any era and I love watching them play.”

Listen to the entire interview here:

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