The time comes for all great players, the time where they are in the twilight of their career. The end is near and teams have to make those tough decisions to move on without players that have been the cornerstone of the their franchise. This week we learned that the greatest offensive player Texans history has been granted permission to seek a trade. If a deal does not materialize Andre Johnson will be released. Dre is 33 years old.

The Patriots are coming off of a SuperBowl win, but have decided to move on without their stud DT Vince Wilfork. He is 33, and was owed a $4 million roster bonus in five days. He was still one of the best at his position. But the cost is just to much and now his age.

In Pittsburgh Troy Polamalu who is 34, has operated as the anchor of Pittsburgh’s defense for more than a decade, piling up Pro Bowl appearances and All-Pro awards he was the 16th overall pick of the 2003 Draft. But the time has come because he was set to count $6 million against the cap. Break-ups are always hard, especially with future Hall of Fame players. Jerry Glanville said it years ago NFL stands for Not For Long.

And for these players who still may play a year or two there best days are behind them.