Jon Stewart Appears on Monday Night Raw

After weeks of back and forth on social media and Seth Rollins crashing The Daily Show set during its “Moment of Zen,” Jon Stewart finally appeared on Monday Night Raw. Jon Stewart’s and old school wrestling fan and his son is a big WWE fan, with Stewart referencing WWE Pay-Per-View outcomes and catchphrases on his show every so often, so it was a match made in heaven. While the segment got off to a slow start it really picked up once they were in the ring together. Jon Stewart cut a fantastic promo on Rollins and why he’ll never be one of the greats and of course it lead to a physical altercation in which Stewart kicked Mr. Money in the Bank in his recently instagrammed genitals. While most Monday Night Raw guest stars turn out to be a bust, this segment was played up perfectly and gave the WWE a lot of that mainstream exposure they desperately crave. Crossing my fingers this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Stewart in the WWE, perhaps he could accompany Randy Orton to the ring for his presumed match against Seth Rollins.

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Paul Heyman’s Promo

Jon Stewart probably cut the greatest promo of the night, that was, until Paul Heyman hit the ring with a microphone in hand. Lance Storm opined that Heyman wasn’t going to let a comedian cut the best wrestling promo on a wrestling show. Heyman was out there to address the “rumors” of Lesnar not appearing at ‘Mania and also a wink and a nod to the other rumor that Lesnar was at Raw the previous week, but had some issue with the WWE and didn’t appear on the show. Heyman again proved why he’s one of the best, if not the best manager of all time by powering through technical difficulties. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks WWE was censoring his UFC fighter mentions by cutting the mic, but who knows? Fans have really come around on Lesnar’s match with Reigns after Roman gave an excellent effort in his victory at WWE Fastlane against Daniel Bryan. I could gush about Paul Heyman for five more paragraphs, but just watch.


On the February 23rd edition of Monday Night Raw there was an incredibly brief Divas tag team match between Paige & Emma and The Bella Twins that clocked in at around two minutes. Many fans then took to twitter to express their displeasure with the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance. While women’s wrestling has never been taken as seriously as the men in WWE, ever since the launch of E!’s Total Divas show, it seems that the Divas division has become mostly just an opportunity to plug the reality show. I don’t blame them, on the off-chance an E! viewer comes over to Monday Night Raw they’d probably be confused if they didn’t see any of the women that they know wrestling. On the other hand, the WWE’s developmental league, NXT features a lot of exceptional women’s wrestling with compelling feuds and characters such as Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and newcomers Becky Lynch and “Blue Pants.” So, I can see the frustration with the women on the big show getting a scintilla of the exposure that the women on NXT receive. Fast forward to the 3/2 edition of Raw when AJ Lee makes her big triumphant return to aid former “frenemy” Paige in her feud with the Bellas. Then, as if on cue, the CM Punk chants started raining down on Mrs. Punk, AJ Lee. Now, I know not everybody in the crowd is on twitter, but it was not a small minority chanting the Diva’s husband’s name. I get it, we all miss CM Punk, but he’s moved on, he’s not coming back, perhaps he will someday, but that day is not soon. It’s not fair to AJ Lee that she has to put up with it. So, if you really want to #GiveDivasAChance, how ’bout you give her a chance to do her thing without hearing her husband’s name? Also, once the Divas match starts, don’t take it as an opportunity to change the channel or hit the bathroom and the WWE will take notice. While it’s cool to get trending and for various WWE Superstars to take notice, reacting properly to their in-ring work will do much more for the Divas Division.

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Dean Ambrose Steals Wade Barrett’s IC Title

At Fastlane Dean Ambrose was able to score a Disqualification over Bad News Wade Barrett, but as we all know, DQs do not equal title changes, but Dean didn’t seem to care and absconded with the title. Since then, other superstars have gotten in on the act with R-Truth, Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler all walking away with the physical championship. Granted, none of this means Wade Barrett isn’t champion, but it’s certainly embarrassing that even as the champ he can’t hold the belt. They’ve done a great job of re-establishing the midcard titles since merging the World Heavyweight and WWE Championships, but it always seems like when Wade’s champ he loses matches, all the time. I will say, it’s great to see so many stars fighting over the title, leading to the multi-man ladder match at Wrestlemania 31. Currently, only Wade Barrett, R-Truth, Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper have been officially announced for it, but look for Dolph Ziggler and perhaps Daniel Bryan or the returning Sheamus to also be added. Unless those last two are in a match at ‘Mania, again…

The Miz and Damien Mizdow Feud Escalates

On Smackdown, Miz and Mizdow had an altercation at a supposed commercial shoot, with Miz taking over for Damien midway through the shooting. Now, I’m sure SAG will have something to say about the way that shoot was handled, but it ended up paying off the following Monday when the commercial was screened for superstars backstage with HILARIOUS results. You see, it turned out that the ad was for an erectile dysfunction pill and Miz ended up playing the part of the sufferer. I will say this, the production values for the “Niagara” commercial were better than most of the fake projects WWE cooks up. The best part of Monday’s segment was that we still didn’t see Damien Sandow(Mizdow) lose his cool. The seeds of this feud have been growing for months and it’s refreshing to see the WWE play the long game and I cannot wait for the payoff. Which I hope is a match at ‘Mania, but it could also easily play out in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale and lead to a bigger feud. I’ve been a big Sandow supporter for years and hope this is the storyline that puts him on another level.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. Lucha Dragons

I just wanted to recommend this match, had the pleasure of seeing it live at the Smackdown tapings in Atlanta last week and it was a delight. Youtube only has a fraction of it, but if you have the network you can get it here. Cesaro and Kidd seem slapped together, but they really compliment each other and have a great old school sensibility about them. Lucha Dragons have been tearing it up in NXT and would make a great addition to the main roster as Stardust/Goldust and Miz/Mizdow go their separate ways.

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