I would take Ndamukong Suh in a heartbeat… if I was Jacksonville. The Jaguars have over $60 million in cap space, and by NFL rules they have to use 89% of the available dollars. The Raiders, Jets & Browns also have $20-30 million more to spend than Atlanta.

Yep, the Falcons have a lot of cap space this year compared to previous seasons, more money than 22 other NFL teams. But Atlanta’s $33.5 million would go quick if you gave Donkey Kong Suh the King’s Ransom he’s demanding.

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The Falcons have too many holes to fill to dedicate that big a chunk of the salary cap pie to Suh. He is considered the best at his position, a player that makes teams alter their game plan. A monster who makes everyone around him better. OK, so where’s the Lions play off wins? When did Detroit become the 85′ Bears last year, shutting out most of their opponents with that Suh led dominant defense? Yeah I must have missed that.

If Ndamukong Suh signed with Atlanta he would be leaving the Lions for a carbon copy of the Lions. Atlanta like Detroit has a franchise QB and an all world WR. And like Detroit, Atlanta has no offensive line and no established running back right now. The Falcons also need at least one if not two new tight ends to make Kyle Shanahan’s new zone blocking scheme work.

If Suh signed with the Falcons it would no doubt help Ra’Shede Hageman’s development. But you still need another hand in the dirt pass rushing defensive end for Dan Quinn’s 4-3 defense.  You could argue that a Falcons D-line with Suh, Hageman, Babineaux or Soliai and your first round pick of either Vic Beasley or Randy Gregory would immediately make the Falcons one of the best front 4’s in the league. Throw in Prince Shembo at outside LB (where he should have played last year) and your biggest liability the last 5 years is turning into an asset.

But that 8th pick better be the man and you’re still betting on the come that Hageman will be a stud. Right now if Suh was a Falcon, opposing teams would simply double team him and there’s no one on this current roster that would be able to exploit that matchup as a pass rusher.

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But what good is your new look defense if Matt Ryan is on his back staring at the roof of the Georgia Dome. Who’s playing left guard, who’s playing right tackle? Are you satisfied with James Stone at center? Could he move to guard if Joe Hawley is good to go? Lack of offensive line depth has derailed 2 seasons in a row for Atlanta.

One of the hallmarks of Pete Carroll’s Seahawks teams were physical practices. With our recent injury history we may need to stock 2 sets of offensive line if we’re really gonna get tough at Flowery Branch under Dan Quinn.

Plus the Falcons still need those tight ends I mentioned and at least one or two more LB’s. We’re all hoping Sean Weatherspoon can come back from his injury but would you bet your house on that?

Regardless of a potential suspension I would get Greg Hardy, draft Gregory or Beasley or (if by some small miracle) Dante Fowler if he was there at 8. Because of Hardy’s baggage you can get him for less than full market value. Think of it, 2 bona fide edge rushers! Something the Falcons haven’t had since the Bomb Squad days of Chuck Smith & Travis Hall.

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If I had the cap space I’d pull the trigger on Ndamukong Suh. Unfortunately past draft misfires and bad free agent signings have created the need for a major over haul. There’s just not enough money to address all this teams needs if you make Suh the highest paid defender in the NFL.