So Ronda Rousey went all Mike Tyson on Cat Zingano at UFC 184 and is now the talk of the sports world. At least that’s what I’ve been told, because I didn’t see it. I guess I’ll have to pay more attention when UFC 185 rolls around. Or maybe 186.

Before the NBA All Star break, the Hawks averaged four wins per every five games they played, and have picked up right where they left off in continuing on that exact same pace since the mid-season festivities concluded in New York (lost to Toronto, then knocked off Milwaukee, Dallas, Orlando and Miami).  At 47-12 with 23 games left in the regular season, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Birds could win 65 games when all is said and done. So consider this: Of the 16 teams that have won 65 or more contests during an NBA regular season, 13 of them have won the league championship. Just thought you should know.

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Went to see Billy Joel at Philips Arena Saturday night… picked up a pair of seats on Ticketmaster a few hours before the show and ended up sitting two rows behind the stage with a clear and unimpeded view of The Piano Man. And, at face value. It was a great show as he played numerous hits, but also found time to do covers of Ray Charles, Elton John, James Brown, and the Allman Brothers Band. All in all a great night… but it still didn’t make up for me NOT getting tickets to see The Dead’s “Fare The Well” concerts in Chicago in July. So if anyone has any extras and you’re reading this… yeah, I Need A Miracle!!!

Is Melvin Upton, Jr. cursed? It sure seems that way. A complete bust over the first two seasons of his $75 million free agent contract with the Braves, the outfielder formerly known as B.J. will now miss all of spring training with a foot injury.  Maybe he should’ve gone with Bossman. Or maybe Frank Wren shouldn’t have given him all that money.

So let me get this straight… there hasn’t been an NFL team in Los Angeles for 20 years, and now we’re looking at the possibility of three playing there when all is said and done? The NFL is so friggin’ full of itself.

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If Kentucky doesn’t run the table and make history, the loss that ends the run won’t be happening on Tuesday night in Athens. Georgia is too inconsistent of a basketball team to knock off the Kats. But having Marcus Thornton on the court definitely gives the Bulldogs a piece they were missing when they fell in Lexington 69-58. More importantly though, if UGA has any hopes whatsoever of pulling off the shocker, guards Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines can’t combine to shoot 3 of 19 as they did back on February 3.

A good part of this past weekend was spent binge watching the third season of House of Cards on Netflix. If there was any thought that Frank Underwood might mellow out even slightly after achieving his goal of ascending to the Presidency… think again. The opening scene from Season 3 put to rest any possibility of that occurring. *SPOILER ALERT*: President Underwood visits his father’s grave and urinates on the head stone. Hail to the Chief, indeed.

The Rockets come to town Tuesday night to visit the Hawks, and do so after a big overtime win Sunday over LeBron James and the Cavaliers. James Harden may be a legit MVP candidate this year, but he isn’t – and will never be – King James. The Rockets PR staff referring to him as such after Sunday’s triumph is comical, at best. There’s no disputing that Harden is a one-on-one beast and scoring machine. But he ain’t The King. LeBron is the best player on the planet, bar none. His teammates come first. He’s the best passing big man in the NBA. LBJ plays at both ends of the court. When was the last time Harden was seen doing that? So go ahead and kick a good man when he’s down, as The Beard did right to LeBron’s crotch on Sunday. No matter. The King still has his lofty crown and family jewels firmly intact.

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Finally, after a seven year long battle with ALS, Keith Baker went home last week. He was my next door neighbor for the past 13 years, and leaves his wonderful wife Susan and great kids Jackson and Elizabeth behind. Even as the disease destroyed his body over time, Keith’s mind never relented. He was the biggest Kentucky basketball fan I’ve known, and on the day he was laid to rest, the Wildcats made it 29-0 on the season. Not that Coach Cal and Co. need it, but they’ve got a guardian angel looking down on them now. RIP my friend.