The Falcons freed up over $7.2 million in cap space today by cutting Harry Douglas & Steven Jackson.

Steven Jackson’s 2 seasons here were a huge disappointment. From the moment he dropped the game winning touchdown at the Superdome in his first game as Falcon the dye was cast. He had no burst, no explosiveness, his diminished skills combined with our sub par offensive line was a recipe for disaster. After scoring a touchdown against the Rams he left the game  and was M.I.A. the rest of the 2013 season. When he missed all of this year’s preseason many Falcons fans were hoping he’d get cut. Take away his 50 yard scamper versus Arizona and he was a zero in spikes. Jackson had 6 TD’s on a team that won 6 games. You’d have to add up his 2 seasons to gets numbers comparable to one of his prime years as a Ram.

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Never quite understood spending on a used car with tons of city miles instead of trying to improve the defense. Reggie Bush was a better option, although I thought the Falcons could have gotten by with Quizz & Snelling. Truth be told the free agent move that should have been made that year was to sign Cliff Avril or Michael Bennett, instead for a pass rush we went with Osi Umenyiora.  The Seahawks won the Super Bowl with Bennett & Avril anchoring their defensive line.

Harry (as any Falcons fan who has had a chance to met him, knows) is a great guy, a fiery competitor and a team leader. But he was way too expensive an option for a 3rd wide receiver at $3.5 million a year. I know it’s unfair to judge a player’s legacy over one play but…if Harry doesn’t trip over the 20 yard line we may have gone to the Super Bowl in 2012. He was wide open, there wasn’t a 49er player in closing distance and he trips, gets tackled and the Falcons don’t even get a FG from the possession. There was the fumbled punt in Miami that led to the Dolphins come from behind victory. Yes I know I’m knit picking, Harry went over a thousand yards receiving in the lost season of 2013. But to me the legacy of 83 will always be an uneven effort in the big moments.

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Guys stop asking me about when the Falcons are going to cut Kroy Beirmann! Good news, he is a free agent, free to take his reality show and unique style off tackling elsewhere!

The Falcons just can’t cut Sam Baker, there’s an $8 Million cap hit, dead money for nothing. The more likely lineman to get the axe would be Justin Blalock, the Falcons free up more money and you have to wonder how he would fit in our new zone blocking scheme.

Great to see Matt Bryant get a reasonable deal,  (a $2.4 Million cap hit this season) , but since we never score game winning touchdown around here, I would have hated to lose a veteran money kicker who regularly splits the upright from 50 yards out.

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I know it’s frustrating for fans (I know my head starts spinning) trying to figure out salary cap projections…but taking away the Jackson & Douglas salaries for next year combined with Matt Bryant’s new deal our best guess is the Falcons are around $24.5 under the cap. Plenty of dough for some upgrades on both sides of the ball through free agency.