ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta/AP) — Fulton County prosecutors say a College Park man has been sentenced to life plus 50 years in the death of his girlfriend’s younger brother.

Authorities said Friday that 32-year-old Omar Pitts made 12-year-old Jay’tavious Mahone wear a dress and makeup while standing outside and holding paint buckets on a hot summer day in 2010. It was punishment Mahone taking his shoes off when he was told not to.

Authorities say Mahone complained of thirst and fatigue. He eventually collapsed and prosecutors say Pitts beat the child while he was on the ground. Hakim Deen, a neighbor, reportedly recorded the beating and paramedics were not called until hours after the boy had been forced to stand outside. Deen said he saw a man kicking the boy in the head but did not expect the boy to die from the injuries, as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“He was just kicking the boy, kicking the boy up in the head,” Deen told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “Eight or nine times, he kicked him. The boy got up and then passed out.”

Pitts pleaded guilty to murder, felony murder, child cruelty, aggravated assault and aggravated sexual battery.


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