By Jony McGuire

Sports is filled with endless stat sheets, Halls of Fame, records, scandals, and a myriad of topics, subtopics and even made up topics for us to lose ourselves in, and lose ourselves we do. So much so that we forget the beauty that flaunts itself in front of us. The athletes” supports systems”, aka the trophy wife, arm candy or side piece. Here’s Jony’s Top 5 beauties of the past 25 years that have been attached to some of the most talented athletes.

  1. Holly Robinson Peete – Wife of former NFL Quarterback Rodney Peete. Holly didn’t just play the arm candy roll. She’s had an extensive acting career on shows like 21 Jump Street and Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper. After 4 children Mrs. Pete is just as stunning as ever.
  1. Kasey Trione – Kasey hasn’t reached wife status just yet but she’s managed to hold the position of girlfriend to Steelers’ wide receiver Lance Moore. With Lance asking to be released from his contract with the Steelers, who knows how long it may take for Kasey to get a promotion, if she ever does at this point.
  1. Gabriel Union – Gabriel vaulted to real life basketball wife when she married long time boyfriend Dwayne Wade in August of last year. With an acting careering spanning just over 2 decades, It’s not that Gabby need D. Wade to upgrade her but it wasn’t a bad move for either star
  1. Vanessa Bryant – Mrs. Black Mamba gets points for not only being beautiful but for being one of the legitimate basketball wives to stick around, or be kept around depending on perspective, through the majority of their ballers career. Vanessa’s rays of sunshine are so irresistible they are the cause of a rift between friends Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone after the mailman couldn’t resist taking a peak.

1B. Pilar Sanders – I’ve got nothing to say here.

1A. Tracey Edmonds – Another one that leaves me speechless. So much so that there had to be a 1a and 1b in this situation. The incomparable Prime Time knocked it out the park, took it to the house, or whatever saying you want to insert here on both of these goddesses. The money pro athletes command is enough to attract and even retain in some cases some of the most beautiful women in the world but even the pros “miss” sometimes and those women aren’t always the premium brand. Prime Time has managed to stay consistent.

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