Here We Go Again.

Red Sox vs.Yankees; Celtics vs. Lakers; Rolls Royce vs. Bentley; BMW vs. Mercedes; Auburn vs. Alabama; Paris Hilton vs. Intelligence; Brooke Hogan vs. Talent; Rosie O’Donnell vs. Weight Watchers; Charlie Sheen vs. Sanity & The Rest of the World.

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You Get the picture, right?

To quote the Hall of Fame Ambassador of College Basketball Dick Vitale: “It’s DUKE vs. CAROLINA BABY! ARE YOU SERIOUS???”

This isn’t a typical Tar Heel powerhouse team from yesteryear with playmakers like Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson and company, but it’s still UNC vs. Duke. This game has defined the sport of College Basketball for Generations. People around the nation and the world stop what they’re doing to watch this Epic Rivalry. And everyone knows, you can throw out records and rankings in Rivalry games. See March 4th, 2006, when the aforementioned “Psycho T.” went into Cameron his Freshman year and upset J.J. Redick & Sheldon Williams on “Senior Night”.

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Whether you live in Missoula, Montana; Grand Forks, North Dakota; or Bangor, Maine; you should be mesmerized by the pageantry, hostility, & INSANITY that is Duke-North Carolina. If you don’t even care for College Basketball until Selection Sunday gives the brackets for your office tournament pool… If you are going to ONLY watch ONE game a season, it must be Duke-North Carolina. If you could only watch one Mafia Movie, it would be The Godfather or Goodfellas. This is the “EPICENTER of College Basketball”.

If you missed last night’s match-up then you missed a THRILLER. Check out the game recap here.

On behalf of Every College Basketball fan & the rest of Humanity, “It’s DUKE-UNC; and there’s Absolutely NO place I’d rather be.”

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