We’ve all seen the symptoms before, wandering aimlessly through the house, going into a room and forgetting why you came in, living off your DVR supply of FB games, CFB and NFL, reading + rereading all your Twitter comments about the last play of the Super Bowl and lastly dredging the depths of CFB message boards for the reports and rumors on High School boys every move + utterance.

Worry not, I have a simple solution for your withdrawals from all forms of American Football… very simple, become a Sports Fan!

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You live in the same area as the biggest feel good story in the NBA, our Atlanta Hawks. They have the best record in the NBA, play a team 1st brand of Hoops + are blazing a trail right now either never seen here or at least untrodden since the early 90’s. There is realistic hope this team can get Atlanta sports fans within spitting distance of only the 2nd World Championship this city has ever seen in major sports.

The Braves are reporting to Spring Ball and Orlando at the end of next week. Despite their ham handed attempts to neuter all hope for 2014 as they trade away talent + stock up their minor league system the game of baseball’s annual rebirth can give hope to even the biggest skeptic in the ATL.

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The MLS is coming to Atlanta in 2017 so this is the perfect time to school up and embrace the worlds most popular sport, Futbol. The Premier League, La Liga and others are on every cable + satellite systems known to man so availability is NOT an excuse.

The PGA Tour can be a nice mellow way to spend a weekend afternoon and preparing for Golf’s biggest stage, The Masters, is compelling + repulsive at the same time.

Finally as an alternative to Football there is a true American experience, NASCAR. Next weekend the “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity” boys play their Super Bowl when the Daytona 500 is held. It’s as big an TV event as there is in Sports, it’s 4 days of events and merchandising that can rival any Super Bowl and finally for it’s fans, roughly a third of the US population, it’s the kick off to that years seemingly endless supply of riveting Left Turns.

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So worry not, we’ll get through this together as we wait for Spring Ball, Spring Games + NFL Training Camp. Who knows, by the time Football starts again we’ll all be just a little more well rounded as Sports fans… stranger things have happened.